Begin Again

God loves each of us no matter what we believe about ourselves. We spend far too much time being critical and judgmental of ourselves. Why? Do we feel that we are truly so dismal that we admonish ourselves even more than the other critics in our lives? Is judging ourselves serving some purpose? Do we just want to fail and therefore justify our own expectation for failure?

This sounds far too harsh doesn’t it? Why our we treating ourselves so badly? Perhaps we don’t need the answer but what we do need is self-love and self-forgiveness.

Let us begin within ourselves when we set the goal to become more spiritual. Look inward and clear the darkness  from the inside out. Find your true self and offer unconditional love and complete forgiveness. Stop the tape of self-condemnation that plays in your head. Allow Light to fill your being. Make no excuses for the admonishment you dump upon yourself. No one deserves that much criticism.  

Start new. Begin again. Forgive all of your transgressions. Remember that it has always been between you and God.

Have you made mistakes? Of course! Have you hurt someone? Likely yes. Have you made decisions that have turned out badly? Indeed. Have you been dishonest? Sure. Does this mean that you are not worthy of God’s unconditional love? No, of course not! 

This life is about experience and learning. It is so simple. The next time you are at a crossroads, make a better decision than the last time. Try and try again. Does God expect you to throw all negative behavior away all at once? No, this is probably not realistic. Does God want you to keep trying and to build positive upon positive upon positive? Yes!

This is between you and God. You have been absolved of all of your sins. There is no one judging you except you! All of your Heavenly Hosts understand the hostility of the earth plane. Forgiveness for missteps are instantaneous!

Forgiveness follows each instance of negativity. There is another chance after each indiscretion. Did you learn from your action? Are you truly regretful? Will you make a better decision the next time? This is all that matters. 

God’s forgiveness is all-encompassing. Humans, however, hold great amounts of judgment and criticism.  

Did you cause an accident in which someone died? Did you steal jewelery from a co-worker? Did you beat your spouse? Did you vandalize someone’s property? Did you back into someone’s car and not stay to notify them? Did you cheat on your exams?

Start over. Do better next time. God forgives. Set your intention to do more good things and fewer negative things. Just as you forgive others you may also forgive yourself. You are not the same person that you were 10 years ago. You would definitely make better choices today! That is all that is expected of you! Each day, do better. Each year, do better.

Our earth life is all about learning, growing and ascending closer to God. When you were younger, I’m sure this concept was very unfamiliar to you. Now that you have begun your spiritual journey you are more capable of weighing the choices that you make. Right? Start over. Begin now! Take it one day at a time and be always aware that God holds nothing against you! 

Let all of your past mistakes go! You serve no purpose by holding on to them. This is between you and God. As you make improvements to your life your friends and family will benefit as well. If someone is unable to forgive you, then make certain to forgive them.  That is what God would do.

Forgiveness is DIVINE!

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