Our Higher Self

Step back and decide what you find most important in your life. What matters most? Who do you love and what is the best way to stay connected to them? Is money really the reason that you came into this earth-life?

How difficult is it to connect with your Higher Self to find your true path and open to God’s Will?

Prepare to initiate a meditative state. Sit quietly. Ground and center yourself. Breath slowly and deeply. Focus upon your God Center, which is in your solar plexus. It is located at the bottom of your sternum. Imagine an orb of bright white light in the center of the width of your body. This is your God Center.

Focus here and build the light ever brighter. Make it more intense and dramatic with each breath. Imagine it so bright that your eyes hurt to look at it.

Allow yourself to feel the impact this SOURCE has upon you. Feel the influence of God’s presence flow throughout your being.

Now imagine your higher self sitting directly across from you. You are facing each other. You recognize yourself and yet there are some dramatic differences in your appearance. Your aura is full and vibrant. Your face is unlined and flawless. Your eyes are crystal clear and KNOWING. Your attire is vivid and draped over your frame.

Attach your God Center to the God Center of your Higher Self by using a white cord. Feel the rush of bountiful information and guidance flow to you immediately!  All at once you are ONE with God and you are firmly connected to the Divine.

You may reach out and hold hands with your Higher Self if you would like. The connection is unmistakable. Absorb as much as you can. Ask for direction. Receive answers. Clear up any confused areas of your life. Allow yourself to see and know your path before you.

Remain in this state for as long as you wish. Absorb what God wants you to be and to know. Be overwhelmed by a state of full and perfect bliss.

All aspects of your life will fall into clarity. There will be no more questions or uncertainty while you maintain this state of connectivity.

As you release this bond you will experience God’s serenity and tranquility for a short period of time depending upon how eager you are to resume the tasks of this earth-life.

Then what happens? We begin to question and make changes to what we once knew to be 100% true and real. We lose that once unmistakable connection to God and our Higher Self. We shift our focus back to money and stature. Having what we want and more of what we don’t really need. We allow our human minds to lose sight of the bigger picture. We become task-oriented again.

Is there a better way? Yes! Remember that state of bliss. Remind yourself how easy it was to connect directly to the Divine. Be more aware of the guidance that you received directly from God and who you came here to be.

There are many things that are infinitely more important than your day-to-day responsibilities. You are an eternal being! You have a spark of God at the center of your human presence. Always!

You may be wealthy or poor. You may be healthy or ill. You may have close family or no one at all. Every state that you ARE, you continue to be ONE with God.  

This isn’t about you and your job, your spouse, your children, your conmmunity…This has always been about you and God.

The trappings of your life are clutter and debris. These “important” things only cloud your true being and your intended existence. We get focused upon collateral details and lose sight of our soul purpose.

Come back to your center and rediscover your life purpose. Ask your Higher Self what you need to know so that your genuine existence may shine through again. We have lost our way but God has given us the knowledge to rediscover our true selves again. We only need to use these tools and make a committment to our Higher Path once more.

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