Has It Occurred to You…?

We are being bombarded by cosmic energy from now until the end of this year, or so. The more highly populated areas have a greater intensity and the more rural areas have less. Each of us have a comparable amount of energy beating down upon us so it makes sense that highly populated areas have more energy. There’s more people.

All manner of things are happening as a result. Appliances breaking down, job loss, medical illness, tension between people, frustrated outcomes…Has it occurred to you to literally rise above the commotion?

Using techniques of meditation and visualization could be used to rise up above the cosmic energy assault. Initiate a meditative state and then visualize yourself floating above your home or apartment, through the clouds and up into the atmosphere above the earth.

How far up you go is up to you. If I rise up above some tall buildings I still feel the turmoil. If I rise up further into the clouds I still feel the pressure but it does lessen the effects a lot.

If I rise up to above the earth but still within our atmosphere, it feels very liberating and calm. Remember the cord from your tailbone to the center of the earth and the cord from your crown up to God. You’ll not float away but the  release in pressure is unmistakable.

It is a relief. You know that you are still human and it is your obligation to experience this time of upheaval but taking this break is very uplifting. You sense your guides more closely and you feel their nurturing more intensely. Angels and God are more palpable as well.

Take a break! Float up until you feel a noticeable relief. Enjoy the view. Learn to cherish how much closer to Heaven that you may feel. Repeat this visualization as often as needed to feel grounded, centered and more positive again.

Speak to your guides and other Heavenly Hosts. Nurture those connections and receive the benefit.

“God is love. I am love. I am God! Oh yeah. I have forgotten that this past month or so. Why was it so easy for me to lose my way?” 

If you would like, you may also rise above all else and visualize yourself in Heaven! Sit quietly and notice how serene and loving it feels. Breath steadily and remain until all of your batteries are charged and you have hope in your heart again. 

Try not to lose your focus. Remain there and notice who comes to you and what they want you to know. You may receive many blessings that, up to now, you have been too emotionally blocked to notice. Be thankful. Ask for help to find your way in your tumultuous earth-life. Both accept and express love with your guides and departed loved ones. Relax and absorb the White Light all around you.

Once you return to this plane and the earth realm, don’t forget how easy it is to be ONE with the universe. You now know where to go to rediscover your true self and nurture the ties that connect you with Heaven.

Try not to wander so far away again. Grasp this time of change. Use the excess energy to fulfill your life goals and power your dreams. Use this aura of Heaven to blanket you from the turmoil of the day.

Ask and you shall recieve…or did you forget?

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