Spirit Guides!

I have been inundated with spirit guide excitement since my post yesterday. They have been pressing me to expand upon their direction for making contact with them. The thought of communicating with you directly is very exciting to them.

The most important thing is to surround yourself in White Light and make it very clear that you only want to communicate with your spirit guides. You do not want to connect with any earth-bound spirits or ghosts. They would be eager to step in and speak to you because they crave attention and they would love to cause a commotion in your life.

The majority of guides with me are suggesting a yes/no format to communication. Be seated at a desk or table. Write “yes” on something and place it to your right in front of you and “no” to your left. DO NOT USE A OUIJI BOARD!

Make sure to ask questions that may be answered by a yes or no only. An example, “Are you male?” “Do you wear red?”

To begin you would surround yourself with White Light. Ask for protection against any earth-bound spirits or other entities that do not have your best interest at heart. You may also light a white candle and speak your intent to have any negative energy dispelled by the candle. Give permission to your guides to block any negative or dark energy while you are attempting to communicate with them. Then ask your questions. After you have completed your attempt to communicate, blow out the candle and again surround yourself with White Light. Ask your guides, God, and angels to protect you from any negativity or darkness. 

Try to remember that will be given a sensation which feels light and stimulating when you are touching the correct answer of “yes” or “no.” The negative response would feel dull and downbeat. You may feel it in your solar plexus or directly in your finger tips.

An example would be “Are you a female?” and when you touch the “yes” object you feel a tingling or stimulating sensation and when you touch the “no” object you feel a thud or irritating feeling. This would be a yes response to your question and your guide is female.

You may also want to know if they stand behind your left or right shoulder. This way you may look in the mirror and speak to them as you would know where to imagine them.

This will probably take some practise. A more direct approach may be to ask a psychic, card reader or empath if your guide is male or female and possibly what their name is. Then you would be able to speak with your guide directly.

You may also gather objects of different colors and ask yes or no questions to discover the clothing color of your guide. Once you find something that feels very light and pleasing, then this would help you reconnect with them at other times.

What a joy it would be to look directly at them and know what color they wear, whether they are male or female and what their name is! What a celebration!

There are many different avenues to communicate with spirit. You may ask for them to give you an answer in a dream or by giving you a thought right when you wake up. Then try not to question it. At the very moment you became aware of the answer did it feel accurate and real? Then don’t rethink it.

Spirit often comes to us in dreams. Why? Because our defenses are down and our receptivity is unencumbered. Our deceased loved ones will do this often. You may wake up and realize that your dream of Aunt Joan felt so real. Or, you dreamed that your family was celebrating a holiday and there was MOM! She looked so wonderful, happy and young! If your family had a recent birth, you may dream of a deceased loved one holding an infant while making eye contact with you and smiling. This is all very real. You wake up knowing that they were there with you.

What is most important is knowing that your guides love you unconditionally. They remain beside you at all times and you are never judged, ever. They may urge you to go in a more positive direction but they won’t berate you. What they agreed to do was to guide and give direction. It is up to you whether you comply or not. Just like any best friend or confidante. And, they always have your best interest at heart. They act out of love and accept you exactly as you are.

After all of this writing I want you to know that your guides love you deeply and want to connect with you. It would please them if you would say, “I know that your are here and I would like to improve our connection to each other.” You may even get a big spirit guide hug. Be aware of how loved and protected you would feel as they speak to you and embrace you. The feeling is unmistakable.

This relationship is more loving and accepting than any you have ever known so far in life. Except for God’s love of course.

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