Your “Family” Portrait

As a psychic I would be able to look at you and see your “heavenly hosts” all around you. None of us are ever alone. We have many people near us at all times. Several, in fact.

They stand to your side and behind you. I have not seen any spirit standing in front of someone…yet. As I look at you they present themselves as if sitting for a portrait. I am able to see each soul without any one blocking any other.

The closer they are standing to you the more they are assisting you at this time. If they are presenting themselves as if they are immediately next to you they are representing themselves to me as being actively guiding you. If they appear further in the background or off to the distant side of you, they are with you but are not your most active guides at the time.  

These souls include spirit guides, higher guides, and deceased family members. I am able to see angels but that is something that I must specifically make a request for them to be seen.

Your main guide is usually standing directly behind either shoulder. You may stand looking in a mirror and visualize where they are and how they appear. Guides are beautiful. They appear human with eyes, ears and noses but this is for our benefit. Their natural state may be a variety of appearances. We tend to be more comfortable with humanoid features.

Their skin is supple and flawless. Their eyes are piercing and deeply colored. The eye, skin and hair color vary but the intensity of the eye color is astonishing. It is possible to become transfixed by their eyes alone. Their hair is usually long and “uncut.” It appears natural though it may be straight, wavy or very curly. Again, very human.

They tend to wear drapes and robes. Males usually wear tunics and slacks. Females wear long robes. Often they have their heads wrapped with cloth, either fully over the crown or as a head band type, and the ends drape to one side.

They appear to be of many different races and many are native or aboriginal in appearance. If they are of this type they wear traditional native regalia.

Their colors are vibrant and symbolic of their focus. Green is healing, blue is music, vocal or communication… I feel that the colors relate to our chakras. So, whatever chakra signifies where your current direction or focus is, the guide is adorned in a coordinating color.

Spirit guides and higher guides are not deceased family members. they are souls that you work with in spirit and they agree to guide you in this incarnation for the entire duration or some aspects of it.

Family members are near you and may offer guidance but they are not what you would define as a spirit guide. They come to you at certain times and return home or to the side of other family members at other times. If you are feeling stressed or ill they may stay more closely beside you. They may also gather during a birth or at other times of celebration such as a graduation, holiday or wedding. They also gather at the passing of another family member. 

Often people near death claim to see deceased family members beside them near their time of death. This is true. they do come to you and bring you to the Other Side.

Deceased pets are often near you as well. Sometimes it is a pet from a different lifetime but they are so close and loving to you that they follow you anyway.

To connect with your guides you may ask questions and seek confirmation. You may want to know if they are male or female. Ask and then look for your answer. Be open and creative. It is probably best to seek one answer at a time so you won’t be confused as to what they are giving you.

It is possible to receive a psychic reading and obtain that information directly. Then begin communicating with them using their name and possibly having a general idea what they look like.

Even knowing what color they adorn would help you connect to them more effectively. Then, when you want to imagine them you could use a candle, scarf or tee-shirt in their hue to increase your vibrational connection to them.

Family members appear much as you remember them or, they may appear younger if they passed at an older age. Often spirit is most comfortable at an age in the 30’s. It is definitely their preference when it comes to their appearance.

This a only a small amount of information regarding your spirit portrait. You are always in the center.

There may be some negative beings near you as well. Thankfully, most people are free from this type of attachment. If a seer or psychic senses a negative attachment then there are many ways to disconnect from them. Each case is very individual and there are differing levels of tenacity. Help should be available in your area but always seek a reputable person to help rid you of unhealthy connections. Good self-care is always the best advice.

Please use the email connected with this ite if you have specific questions or want to see certain topics explored. If you are anable to find the email, it is

Love and Light.

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  • lserf13  On January 15, 2013 at 2:53 am

    That is so amazing to me. Thank you for sharing!

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