Asking for Spirit Help

How do we best ask spirit for help? Is there a secret formula or an incantation to use? Do we need to be specific and detail the changes that we want to come about? Would a donation to charity help?

Definitely a NO on the donation to charity. There is no secret formula but there are special words to use. Being specific to a certain degree does help.

 So, how do we get help from spirit?

1. Talk to the person directly. It may helpful to use a photo or object that is tied to them or at least reminds you of them. You may speak in your inner voice but I find it more powerful to speak out loud. You may also wish to write your request down and either save it someplace special or symbolically burn it. Or, light a candle for them and meditate upon your connection to them. Whatever process feels most meaningful to you is best.

2. Share what you wish. Speak to them as if they were right there beside you. Now that they are in spirit, you may want to share more emotions with them than what you would have done in life. They won’t tell anyone.

3. Be specific. Ask for what you want or need. There is a fine line between giving good direction and giving too much direction. If you need money them ask for how much and by when. Don’t specify from a bank, from relatives, or winning the lottery. Allow spirit to find the money and route it to you. Giving too much detail may make the request impossible to complete.

4. Always use the terms “in my best interest,” “for my highest and best,” and “only from those with my best interest at heart.” If you ask for a new car it may come about from a catastrophic car accident in which family members get hurt. But, since the car gets totalled, you would get a new car. Or, if you ask for &10,000 and your father dies and your inheritance just happens to be $10,000.

Be careful what you ask for. You may get what you want but the cost would be far too great. What is worse is that you may have brought these upsetting events about to meet your needs. You would likely feel guilty if you were able to make the connection.

5. If you don’t get what you want it may be because you are meant to be in this certain situation. As I have said before, we learn more from adversity than we do from stability. Sometimes we have to shoulder through something difficult.

6. It is acceptable to ask God, Jesus, Angels, Archangels and spirit guides for help as well. Some faiths have saints or deities to pray to for certain issues. What matters most is that this being is someone who you are comfortable with and best meets your spiritual needs. Nurture the connection and prosper from having increased your faith.

7. Absolutely ask for affirmations! Ask for a sign that spirit is with you and they have heard your request. Then be open to all the possibilities of affirmations that spirit may think of. They may be quite imaginative.

Look for signage, songs on the radio, posters or flyers, a corresponding message from a love one. There are many possibilities.

If you have been thinking about Uncle Dan and asked him for help repairing your car then your mom calls and states,”I just found a picture of you and Uncle Dan. You both look so happy. Would like to have it?” 

Or, you have asked Jesus to help you heal from a relationship break-up and you see a billboard stating, “Jesus loves you and wants you to be happy!”

Spirit will often choose the most unique venue to affirm their presence. If you enjoy music, they will use a song. If you surf the net, you may find articles on the net which seem like a direct response to your needs. If you read the daily newspaper there may be a headline which captures your attention.

Be open and smile at their creativity.

8. Do NOT ever assume that your needs are too small or unimportant. Or, that you are asking for special treatment. Some people feel that they are not worthy of asking for help from God and others. This is not true. Ask and be open to your needs being fulfilled. Angel will come to you immediately. They never complain that your needs are selfish or petty, never!

9. Angels are there in a pinch. An impending car accident, a sudden illness. an unexpected injury…Ask for angels right away. If you are losing your balance and you are at the top of a flight of stairs then ask for angels to help in avoiding a fall. Or, you may not have seen a bike rider until it is almost too late to avoid hitting them, ask for angels to divert the collision or soften the impact. Or, your grandchild is swimming in water too deep for their own safety and you need help to keep them buoyant until you are able to reach them, ask for angels!

10. Ask and expect help. Simple, yet profound. Having faith in your spiritual guides is a great way to meet each and every day. Knowing that you are eternal and part of something bigger gives much needed meaning to life.

We are NOT alone and we are surrounded by beings who only want what is best for us. They signed on to be with us at this time and they know ahead of time that this committment will be challenging. They love us enough to be here beside us anyway.

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