The Trouble With Finding Your Purpose in Life

This is a complicated subject. It is very difficult to discover God’s plan for you if you are not versed in being grounded, centered, and able to reach and maintain a meditative state. Even though I am psychic I still may get erroneous information either from unreliable sources or my own ego voice.

It is difficult to remove our own hopes and desires and find simply what we came here to do. Our purpose may change at different times in our lives. Our goals as a youth would be vastly different from our goals when we become parents.

So how do we find this elusive life goal? By clearing away all influences and being open to the Word of God. We may pray for an answer. We may also seek direction from a psychic. What is most difficult is knowing what is the true answer and not altering it with your personal fears, desires or ego needs. 

Often, we receive accurate, loving and spiritually guided direction and then we decide to question it or adjust it to meet our expectations. Many have not discovered how to keep God’s message in its original form.

Have you ever received a message from the Divine and you realize at that very instant you KNOW that it is true and awe-inspiring.  Everything is complete. There are no doubts or questions.

Then, we start to change it, or worse, question it. Find the best way for you to remember the message in its pure form. Journal about it. Write yourself a note and keep it on your vanity mirror. Make it your screen saver. Whatever it is that will bring you back to that ah-hah moment.

When giving a psychic reading, spirit is very blunt and direct. So are angels. They just tell it like it is and make light how difficult or timely it would be for us to follow through.

The most common direction is to stop using alcohol, drugs or other addictive substances. There is no wiggle room. Like I said, very blunt.

Another one is to leave an abusive relationship. Again, blunt and to the point. There is no consideration for how dangerous it may be to leave or how you will meet your needs financially after you go.

Stop being abusive.


Be honest.

Give to others.

Take care of your medical problems.

The list may vary or be quite lengthy. The important thing to remember is to accept the message and then work on it. Take what time you need. Enter treatment if you would like. Make goals and set a time frame to reach them.

Be prudent. Don’t make broad sweeping changes especially if it would be harmful to you. If you drink alcohol daily and in some quantity then don’t go cold turkey. This could cause a medical emergency. If you are abused, don’t leave until you have a plan and know you will be safe. If your cholesterol is high, make changes to your activity level and diet.

Some things you may definitely do immediately. If you are stealing money from your employer, stop! If you are abusive and neglectful toward your children, stop! If you habitually lie and manipulate others, stop!

These are only a few examples. I think you get the picture.

One of the most important actions is to forgive. This alone will help not only your spiritual growth, but also your health and well-being. Clear away the darkness. Flush all of the bad energy out and fill your core with light and love.

Be One with God and harbor no ill feelings toward anyone. This step alone will make a resounding impact upon your life.   

Review your life and make some obvious decisions. Do more positive things and less negative things. This is a first step at least.

Continue to ground, center and cleanse your energy. Keep trying to meditate. The moment that you succeed and have a clear connection to God you will recognize this immediately! There is nothing more peaceful and awe-inspiring. Truly. It is like being awash in complete love and acceptance. You will likely be brought to tears. I hope you achieve this state at least once in your life but, hopefully, more.

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