How to Use the Inbound Energy, 10 Things

I asked my guides this morning what most people would like to hear about today. My answer was how to utilize the energy that is incoming. We want to be strengthened by it. If we sense that we are flailing we want to adjust our course and continue on. Being overwhelmed and fractured would feel like failure.

1. Get grounded. This involves connecting yourself to God and Mother Earth. Bury your roots, from your tail bone, deep into the soil and send a rod of golden light from your crown up to God in heaven. Feel how solid the connection is. Renew this image often.

2. Become centered. Cleanse and clear your chakras. Meditate upon your energy flowing all throughout your being without blocks or barriers. Pray for God, your guides and your angels to clear out all dull or dark energy. Imagine crystal clear chakra colors flowing all along your spine. Keep meditating on these energy centers until they are healthy and in alignment.

The connection from Mother Earth to your tail bone, through your crown, and then to God, should feel inspiring and energetic. If you practise this connection, your receptivity to God and spirit will be powerful.

3. Count your blessings. As we step back from technology we must also increase our appreciation of what is near to us or we may feel solitary and disconnected. Count on your health and well-being , your family, your loved ones and what you have in your possession. This may not be the time to add purchases and luxuries. Keeping it simple will reduce the chance of chaotic energy playing havoc with your existence. Some items you may need to let go of, if the turmoil takes it away or breaks it.

4. Look for fellowship. It makes sense that many of us are experiencing the same changes. We may find comfort in communion with fellow enlightened souls. Take a look in your own life and count the people who understand or at least have some inkling of what is taking place. These may be the people who will help you to process life’s intermingling changes. At the very least, you will not be standing alone. We humans are meant to be in clans. We are social, and sharing insights may be inspiring.

5. Cut your losses. Many people have already found the urge to step away from certain groups or organizations. We are feeling insular and self-protective. By keeping it simple, we will reduce the amount of turmoil in our daily lives. Some have changed jobs or moved to different locations. There is something inherent that is causing us to simplify what we have in our lives. We are preparing to hunker down and wait out the energy storm.

These changes we are making may not even be obvious to us until we inspect our actions and discover a pattern.

6. Find faith. KNOW that you are ok even through illness, injury or disease. BELIEVE in yourself and God, including all of your Heavenly Hosts. Renew that faith each day and whenever needed. We came to this life with a plan and we did not choose to fall victim to the coming energy swell. We chose instead to use it for personal growth and to remind us what is truly important in life.

7. Save for another day. Step back and keep your expenditures down to a minimum. Watch what happens from day-to-day and choose your actions carefully. This time of unrest is not everlasting! We will see the calm again in 2013 after the swell dissipates.

8. Hold your loved ones dear. If you have children or grandchildren, help them to navigate the times and earn experience and knowledge. Help to guide anyone who will listen. Be a positive and hopeful teacher. Use language that each person will respond to and lead them to find stability in some of the same things or help them to discover their own. Being a good role model is always on God’s list of things to do! 

9. Pray for peace and love. Fill your spaces with joy and excitement. Shine your Light on the people, places and things that need God’s love. Always remember that your prayer is more powerful if you’re in a group. The potency grows with two others, five others or twenty others.

10. Accept Divine Guidance. During times of being grounded, centered, clear and being receptive, your Divine Guidance will come through more strongly. Your connectivity will bound off the charts. Discover how you will receive this guidance. Will you write in a journal, ask and look for signs of affirmation, decide where your energy will be most helpful, go for a psychic reading, or have faith & believe that God speaks to you and guides your way.  Pray for guidance and accept that angels, Archangels, spirit guides, higher guides, and even your higher self, will guide you. You are never alone and you need only ask for your Heavenly Hosts to affirm that they are with you, always.

This is a time of rapid growth. Position yourself to gain the most benefit and limit your losses. Follow God, always. Be kind to yourself and others for we have not been given a list of instructions on how to proceed, unless you count this one!

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