But One Gift From God

Welcome to some new faces! I am psychic and my content is channelled. I pass along information from my personal guides and from Higher Guides.

Everything I post is for positive change. This is not one of the typical blogs where I stand on a soap box. This blog is about God, love and finding our way.

The Energy Dynamic-

As we know we are headed toward the energy swell of 12/12/12 and of December 21st, 2012.

Many things are being affected. Appliances, autos, and other items are breaking down. People are feeling frustrated and out of balance. We may lose a job or be need to change careers. Our health may be suffering. There are many influences that this building energy vortex may be having upon our lives.

Many spiritual people are advising to reconnect with Mother Earth. Why does this make so much sense? Because if we sit on the ground we are beneath the vortex and if we lay on the ground we are definitely out of the blender. Literally.

The cosmic turmoil affects many things electronic and mechanical. The ground, trees, water, flora and fauna remain minimally altered.

We know that there are crises in the animal kingdom with regards to lack of food, diminishing habitats, and climate changes. The idea I would like to share is that for the most part, Mother Earth is more stable than our global economic systems and mechanical devices.

Return to Earth. Reconnect with the trees and underbrush. Lie still under the nearest canopy. Feel the beat of Her heart. Smell the soil, listen to the animals go about their day. If you are truly blessed you may be near water and you may silently absorb the trickling vibrations and hear it lapping its earthen shores.

Bow out of the vortex, literally. Bring yourself closer to what is constant and simple.

Have you thought of how you may survive this coming surge of unpredictable energy? It does make sense to rely less upon computers and mechanical devices. This is prudent advice.

People may also be overruled by the influx of energy waves. We may be more emotional and unpredictable. Our patience may wane and our coping skills could become strained and ineffective. 

Communication with others may be difficult, at best. Conflict may overrule common sense.

If we remain in the Light and recognize the changes that have been created by this rapid influx of energy, we may know how to use it to boost our spiritual growth. We could  burst from 3D through 4D and arrive handily in 5D.

This growth may happen individually for some and in groups for others. Remove yourself from the lower energy groups and avoid the human tendency to create chaos.

Find your spiritual place now and continue to prepare for the tidal waves to come. Gather your loved ones and do your best to be positive and proactive now and through the end of the year. If your circle experiences the tug of unrest than respond to it and make the needed changes to bring stability back into your fold.

If you remain grounded your loved ones may seek to connect with you when times become overwhelming. Or, you may be drawn to another who seems to be handling all changes with minimal upset.

Count on Mother Earth to keep you, always. Take walks, tend to plants, sing with the birds, and sit on the ground and have a picnic. Work tirelessly to rebuild the ecosystems that have been depleted or destroyed.

Being in nature will keep you away from the products and industries that may be faltering under the pressure of incoming energy. When the Mayan calendar ends would you rather be in a board room or in a prayer circle seated on the ground? The answer is easy if you remember that this life is a spiritual journey and money has fewer implications upon us as we grow and learn. 

The world is not ending but many false and misleading aspects of our life will, if we allow it. When the thrum of December 2012 is directly upon us, gather loved ones and seek knowledge and faith not money and possessions. We will not be harmed by failing technology if we place more reliance upon the ground we stand.

Mother Earth is one of the many gifts that God has given us.

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