Lemonade For Sale!

It occurred to me that many of us are experiencing some effects of the energy turmoil that surrounds all of us. I have hinted at some of my own issues but then I thought that maybe I could help you to gain perspective on what is occurring in your life by sharing mine.

This has all happened in the past two months. I have been given lemons and yes, I have made lemonade!

I moved. I spent more on the move than what was prudent so I have been left with a drained bank account.

My daughter backed her car into mine and we both have rear bumper damage and not enough cash for repairs.

My clothes dryer stopped heating. It will tumble my clothes but will not actually dry them. I have been going to the laundromat until I have the resources to repair it.  

One child is struggling with her final semester in earning a master’s degree. I am concerned that she will not work enough to pay all of her bills and still get the grades she needs. She has not found that delicate balance yet.

My other child is taking a life holiday. She helps around the house very little (almost not at all) and feels her focus should be on purely esoteric things. 

I need new tires on my car. I live near Buffalo so I need good tires for the winter.

My checking account was overdrawn. My fault entirely! I have good credit so that has been helpful.

My co-worker lost his mother recently. It was as if I shared in the process because he would talk with us about what he was dealing with. He did mature a lot through the whole process. He went from actively avoiding dealing with his mother’s illness to being at her bedside when she passed. I am grieving because I know he feels pain and I also have known her for years.

My department supervisor has resigned. VERY POLITICAL! My direct supervisor is still here, but the position that will be left vacant has a profound effect on my position. We don’t know if there will be a greater impact on our whole department or if it will be confined to that one position. I have had fleeting thoughts about being unemployed.

While scrutinizing my finances I have discovered that I am paying bills without review. In fact, I have been insuring a car that I haven’t owned in months! I feel that if I wasn’t left short on cash I would not have discovered this. The good news is that I will be getting a refund!

I also discovered that if you call certain places to cancel services because of the cost, they will offer a discounted rate rather than lose your business.

Our new apartment has issues. Up until a few days ago we didn’t have heat. Then, the wiring was so bad that my kitchen breaker would not stay on and the contents of our refrigerator spoiled, twice! The electrician laughed loudly when he checked to see what had been done with the wires from the previous owner. Hilarious right? No.

We are on a tight budget. No eating out and no leisure activities. Just the necessities.

No funds to go to my regular meditation circle.

Now, for the lemonade. I’m happy! Very happy. Every day I leave through the front door I thank God for my life. When I think of all of the blessings that I have, I am near tears.

The 3 of us plan meals and often cook together. I have placed more emphasis on meditating alone. I don’t get the energy boost that I used to get from the circle of energy but I feel relaxed and  at peace. I have started exercising. I am a member of a local gym so it costs me nothing to go there. I have gone at least 3 days a week where before now I was sedentary. I found that the laundromat isn’t such a bad place. And… the dryer, tires and damaged vehicles will still be there once my financial situation turns around.

If I lose my job then I truly believe that it is meant to be and I find excitement in wondering where God would want me to be instead!

I wasn’t feeling so profound when all of these issues started to happen but I have found peace. I feel like I am surrounded by God and all of my Heavenly Hosts. True joy has come from the inside and I have found immense growth through hardship.

The lessons that I have learned would not have come about if my life were without challenge. It is the tough times that teaches more about how strong we are and whether we will turn toward faith or chaos.

It is my hope that you are having much less turmoil in your life. My story may help you gain perspective. This will all turn around for me, I have faith that it will. I can feel it.

God is love and I am one with God.

AND…I can save $500 by switching to GEICO! Seriously.



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  • wellspring0fgodslove  On October 5, 2012 at 2:57 pm

    Thank you! I try to make everything make sense to me and I feel so much stronger when I view everything as a lesson. It falls into place and it was exactly what I needed to know at the time.
    If I didn’t have faith I would be seriously depressed!

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