Are We There Yet? 10 Things to Do

What would we all do to ensure that we are heading in the right direction? Are we ascending? What do we do if we are not?

1. Seek only the Light. Always be positive and hopeful. Do not gossip or malign anyone. Be the bright side of any conversation.

2. Avoid assigning guilt or blame. Understand that we all make mistakes and the best approach is to learn from them and make better decisions in the future.

3. Allow others to be themselves. Appreciate the differences in all others in your circle. Attempting to alter someone’s behavior or personality is not productive. Rise above conflict and embrace your own ability to be flexible.

4. Look for reasons to be positive about what others do. Critique is only helpful if it comes from love. State suggestions in the positive. Offer praise and affirmation.

5. Help someone in need. Charity is always on God’s list of things to do. Offering time and attention to others will enrich your life profoundly. Be open to recognizing a need and responding to it!

6. Look for hope in all actions and interactions. Expect to be pleased.

7. Celebrate everything that goes well. 

8. Find joy in every place that you need to be. Avoid the tendancy to dread certain places. Be bright and light even if there is a not-so-positive history in specific locations.

9. Satisfy your need for success. If you find you are in a bad mood during the day make an effort to be more positive right away. Give yourself praise for being a positive influence at different times throughout the day. 

10. Keep trying. Give your best effort. Realize that there is no benefit for being sullen and angry. Everyone gets a boost when you infuse positive and hopeful feelings into everything you do.

Did anyone notice that ascension has nothing to do with how much money you have or what kind of car you drive? It has everything to do with being bright, positive and helpful to others. We are God incarnate and ascension is aligning yourself more closely with the actions and wisdom of God.

Deny greed, ignorance, shame, guilt, anger, retribution, manipulation and arrogance. You will find none of these in the House of God. Truly, you will find only love, hope and acceptance.

Be God in human form and seek daily to overcome our human limitations. Ascension involves entering into communion with God to become a perfect light in this imperfect world.

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