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The swirl of energy may be impacting us even more today and we all may wonder how intense it will become. What will 12/12/12 feel like? Are we strong enough to stand up to the battering waves of energy? Will we make progress or simply just hold on?

What are the best suggestions which will help you get through all the turmoil? Get grounded and centered and stay that way. Renew your connection to Mother Earth and God often. Pray and meditate. Seek enlightenment and protection from God and all of your heavenly hosts.

The most important recommendation is to have FAITH. Believe in something bigger and greater than yourself. If your anxiety pulls you in many directions then you need to focus on your love of God. Having faith will shift you from the turmoil of cosmic energy back to feeling blessed and whole.

TRUST that we have been expecting this influx and KNOW that you are able to ride it out. In your moments of strength and clarity, use this energy to boost your confidence and seek higher levels of consciousness.

Don’t lose sight of the wonder of God and all of His creation. This is NOT the end of times. This is but a test of your faith and your resolution to hold fast to what you believe in.

When things start to fall apart and break down, remind yourself that this was foretold. Washing machines only last so long. Cars need occasional repair and refrigerators sometimes lose their cool. 

Relationships at home, work or school have peaks and valleys. All communication may not be effective and positive. There are times when we have to invest more effort and work toward any number of resolutions.

Our health may fluctuate and we may feel more uneasiness or unstable. We may need another trip to the Dr. or a tune up from an energy healer.    

What is happening now is exactly what happens all the time, except more often and with greater intensity. Last night when I came home from work I found out that my clothes dryer decide to not dry my clothes any longer! I just had to smile and resist the urge to be overwhelmed. I am stronger and have greater faith than a clothes dryer. Be certain to place these annoyances in proper perspective.

Try to be proactive and bless all of your belongings with White Light and ask God to protect everything from being battered by this cosmic energy. Bless the people and things that you cherish and keep up to date on routine maintenance.

Have faith and see the excitement that is growing all around you and in other parts of the world. Send love to places of unrest. Believe that God has allowed us to experience this time in our lives for our benefit, not our demise. 

Remember that each of us has a choice in what we will use this heightened energy for and some people in the world are creating dissent and chaos. We have the same amount of energy surrounding us and we may choose to work for God and spread the Light. By our thoughts and prayers we should be able to counter it. The major difference is that they are in groups and their revolt is multiplied by this. If we also gather into groups, we may also multiply the intensity of our desire for peace as well.

Have faith. Believe. Stay connected to your Saviour and outlast all negativity. God never wanders too far away or ceases to love us. This is but one constant that will help us not only survive but to make progress during this auspicious time.


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