Who Uses the Energy Build Up of 12/12/12?

We all do. Even some beings and other energy forms that may surprise you.

It makes perfect sense that the energy of 12/12/12 is building even now. It is not likely to build on 12/11 and be gone by 12/13. It is a gradual swell and dissipation. 

We are able to sense it now and the related energy boost which we may or may not be able to utilize for our own benefit. Most of us are feeling somewhat out of alignment or in various degrees of turmoil.

Unusual changes are occurring at home and in the community. Things are breaking or needing unaccustomed repairs. Fender benders and breakdowns may be more common than usual. Have some appliances been serviced or replaced?

Have things gone askew at work? Is there a little more confusion than usual or some ruffled feathers to deal with?

Make a point of grounding yourself and keep things in perspective because the energy swell is going to get bigger as we near 12/12/12. In spiritual circles it is known that the veil between earth and the Other Side becomes thinner around Halloween. The potential to see, hear or otherwise sense someone in spirit is much more common around the end of October.

This year is no exception. Then, it makes total sense that if we have more energy to utilize within our environment, then so does spirit. This may be the year when we unexpectedly experience more contact with our deceased loved ones than in several years past. Be prepared.

If your thinking about Uncle Dave then it may be because he has dropped by to see how you are doing. If your mind wanders and you start thinking about Grandma and then swear that you smell her famous cookies in the oven, this is possible as well.

The down side to this is that other, more negative beings may use the excess energy as well. Stay grounded, surround yourself in White Light and make a connection to Mother Earth and God. Avoid any ill planned contact with spirit. This is not the time to contact random spirits through cards, a game board or group activities unless you are with someone who knows what they are doing. Please don’t experiment with spirit communication if you are inexperienced or if you are seeking the dark side. This is not the time for such exploration. You could become easily overwhelmed and in trouble.

Stay in the Light. Seek God each day and avoid engaging in negative or chaos-causing behavior. Communicate only with God, Jesus, Angels, known Spirit Guides and deceased loved ones.

If someone is persisting in trying to get you to break some rules or engage in alcohol or drug-related turmoil then that person may need to be pushed outside of your circle of energy for now. Be aware that if you may use this energy for unhealthy behavior, then so may someone else. 

Be aware of your surroundings. Not all unexplained events may be bad. It may be your guide or loved one letting you know that they are near you. That movement you catch out of the corner of your eye may be someone who loves you very deeply.

Count on God. Ask for protection each day and throughout the day. Ask for only spirits who act in your best and highest interest to be allowed near you. If your every day life is full of crystal clear and intense White Light then any lower energies may not be able to get close to you.

Have faith and believe. Don’t resist asking God for love and protection. Your entitled to be safe and free from outside turmoil. And…remember to give thanks.

There are many questions that surround 12/12/12. A few of us may have some idea of what is to come but no one knows everything about this time in our earth existence.

Hang on and have faith. Always seek what is good and right. If things begin to unravel, remember to look to God for guidance. Don’t give up. If you walk away from your responsibilities it is impossible to know how far things will go awry. If you have a fender bender in one week then need a new stove the next, do what you can to keep going. Giving in to the chaos will only cause more problems.

We all wrote on our own charts and we asked to be here at this time. We asked for this experience because we wanted to expand our consciousness and learn from this upheaval. Not one of us charted to lose all control over our environment and struggle to regain what is important to us. We both came here to ride the wave and experience 12/12/12 together.

We came here to succeed in harnessing this eruption of energy and be stronger because of it!  


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