Do You Miss Them?

Do you miss your loved ones who have crossed over? Do you think about them often and miss their presence in your life?

That is the wonder of being immortal. They are truly NOT gone. they visit you at certain times and they think about you often as well.

They are in a wonderfully, blissful state. They have no pain or injury. No more of the same problems that they may have dealt with in life.

If they continue to have disabilities or emotional problems, it is by their own choosing. They may still have issues that they have not resolved and may choose to still work on them after death.

They may also still have a bad attitude or anger about certain things! Why? Because they choose to.

If they truly wanted to embrace the benefits of The Other Side they would release all illness, injury, prejudice and bias. It may take some time for them to release any bad feelings or problems, just how it was here on earth.

Some will choose to remain in their imperfect state, for their own reasons.

Many will continue to cope with addictions after they cross over. Just as it is here, they will give in to addictions and require self-directed or group treatment.

There are many varieties of afflictions that we deal with here and on The Other Side. Did we abuse alcohol to teach our loved ones difficult lessons? Or, because we have problems with addiction? Either way it may carry over.

Do we overeat here in life? We may continue to overeat after we have passed. Are we abused or abusive? This may carry over as well.

If your loved one has died many years ago, they may have worked through many of their earth-life issues. If they are recently passed, they may still be in the process of coping.

One thing to always remember is that just because they are in the afterlife it doesn’t mean that they always have the best advice! There are still personalities and  personal likes/dislikes present. They may still believe that a college degree means nothing! Or, saving money is the only way to get ahead! Children should be seen and NOT heard! There is nothing wrong with your old house! You still owe me money! You don’t need counseling, just pick yourself back up!

Be careful taking their advice to heart. You may want to consider their opinion but then make the decisions that resonate with who you are and what you want in life. If they gave bad advice in life, nothing may have changed.

Follow your heart. Acknowledge when your loved ones are near you. Is it a sound or a scent? Did you have a vivid dream in which they told you how much they love you? Is there a special time of year when you are absolutely certain that they would stop by for a visit?

Remember what their lives have taught you. Did you see them struggle with addiction or anger? Did they neglect their health? Did they struggle with money? The difficulties that they went through were also meant to teach you something as well. Benefit from all that they learned and who they came to be.

If we do many things right, then our golden years may be peaceful and full of understanding and forgiveness. If they struggled with problems to the end, then make a goal for yourself to arrive at some kind of peace when you age.

Their lives were lived for specific reasons. They were here to teach and to learn. Honor them and make positive changes in your own life as a tribute to all that they have shown you.

This is a perfectly balanced cycle of life. Each generation must strive to be more positive and prosperous than the generation before. Build upon the successes of your ancestors and make some improvements in the lives of your descendants.

This is a beautifully intricate system of love and lives. God has the perfect plan and you are a very important part of it.

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