Why the Fascination with Reality TV?

What is it about when so many Americans stop to watch someone else’s life as it unfolds? Is this healthy? Do we need an intervention of sorts?

The truth is that we see so much of ourselves in these reality “stars.” We may actually believe that we too could be “famous.” Their life seems so blown out of context. Everything is bigger and more upsetting and more tragic on reality tv.

What we don’t see is the pain and dysfunction that these families go through at the cost of “fame.” They go through so many ups and downs that normal life seems so foreign. They eventually don’t know what to do or how to live if there aren’t any cameras around.

The “stars” spend too much time exaggerating and taking everything one or two steps further than what would normally be healthy. They are soothed and overly valued by the show’s handlers to the point where they believe that they are better than everyone or above others. They even feel they are above the law. 

How many reality stars end up in treatment? Too many. These people are not wealthy or successful by hard work or business savvy. These people are famous because they are a spectacle. It is adding wealth and power to dysfunctional people. Their stunts get bigger and more extreme. They push the limits because shock sells.

Do you ever wonder what happens when they are no longer in the public eye? Does actual reality crush their falsely inflated egos? Do they end up bankrupt?

Society has an unhealthy obsession with these reality shows now but will it last? Will there be another fad that will come along and cause further damage to these already damaged souls?

Be careful what you watch on television. Be careful what your children and family watch as well. Your life and the lives of your loved ones are special and deserve to be respected. All families go through difficult times, but over sharing is not a healthy solution. We all deserve a modest amount of privacy.

Respect your own life and share that respect with loved ones. Be careful about sharing your private matters in too public of a situation. Lead by example. Teach those around you to be confident and sincere when dealing with sensitive subjects.

Communication between loved ones is very important. Avoid the urge to tell-all! You’ll find that even in our non-reality show lives people would love to take your private matters into a public forum. Be cautious about who you share your troubles with and urge your children or other family and friends to do the same. Growing up healthy is learned behavior. 

Being on reality tv is not what success should look like. The draw of popularity and money may seem desirable but the impact upon your emotional health would not be a positive result.

What do reality stars feel like when the show gets cancelled? Are they happy? Do they have enough money to last a lifetime? Do they have productive relationships with family and friends? Or, is the result like pouring gasoline on an already tumultuous fire?

Keep reality tv in perspective. People are acting out in front of the camera. There are so many more beautiful things that you could be doing with your time. If your children watch reality tv, make sure they know what a healthy, balanced and productive life really is and make sure to model that for them. 

The only healthy avenue for sharing your life’s troubles is if you want to teach by example. Your goal would be to help others faced with the same or similar circumstances.

Share your cancer survival to inspire another in their battle with cancer. Speak about the violent relationship that you left to help another walk away from theirs. Help others cope with divorce just as you coped with your divorce. There are so many reasons to share what life has brought you and none of it needs to happen on shock and drama reality television. 

God loves you and did not intend for you to disrespect yourself or your loved ones for ratings on reality tv.

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