What Do You Have to Teach the World?

Each of us is a student and a teacher. Both abilities are needed to be a productive and successful society. It makes sense that we lead in the areas that we are more knowledgeable about and follow when we are eager to learn but may have limited understanding.

In each role be positive and proactive. Take each step as if you are beginning a brand new journey. We have not and will not stop learning. The same may be said about teaching. Even in the last moments of our lives we are learning and teaching. Much understanding will be gained by this one realization.

At this time let’s look at our role as a teacher. What do you know for sure? What areas of knowledge are your strongest? What may you present to other people with little hesitation or thought?

These are perhaps the subjects which you would make a very good teacher and leader. Be kind and nurturing. Always begin at the most basic level of understanding. Assume that others need all of the information until you find out if they have some basic knowledge.

Please don’t judge. Remember your role as “teacher.” Little would be learned if you expect others to be well-informed at the outset. How much would you have learned in school if teachers shared their information without regard to how much you already knew about the subject? Likely, very little.

Teaching takes time and patience. Be subtle. Offer a hand and include some extra information along the way. Please don’t take a lofty approach. We are all on the same journey and I need respect just as you do.

Don’t ever state that you are here to teach someone something. This will also end in failure. Just be helpful and informative. If they like what you have to say they’ll come to you again.

Once you have some experience as a teacher you may want to offer a class or start a group. This will depend upon what topic you have decided to share, of course.

Be prepared to keep learning along the way. Never believe that you have all of the knowledge that you need. The moment you take this stance the Universe will teach you otherwise!

Life is active and always in motion. We do not complete our life charts by isolating ourselves and avoiding conflict or failure. We make progress by being God in human form. Every situation is a learning opportunity. You could be in a coma and still you are teaching others!

Be positive and open-minded. Teach and learn. Our charts were written to include all others as well. You don’t live or work alone even if you live and work alone. Life is always an interaction of your environment and the people in it.

Enbrace what you came into this life to do. Find your purpose and relish the art of living! Teach AND Learn. Lead AND follow.  When times get difficult look more closely at what you were meant to gain from the experience.

Then share! Share what life has taught you and be the leader/teacher that God wants you to be. Teaching is a sincere form of charity, don’t you think?  


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