Are You Able to Watch?

Have you been watching the coverage of this years election? Do you feel good after or does it  make you feel kind of uncomfortable?

Each candidate tries to tug at your heart-strings. They want you to FEEL that they know you personally and what you need to make things in your life better.

Are you buying into it? Are you clearly on one side or the other? Are you able to clearly define exactly what it is that each candidate has to say that has made you choose? Or, is your support purely partisan?

Clearly each candidate is making adjustments to their campaign in response to feedback and social pressures. They are being coached and molded every minute of each day. They have made the same choices many times and may need to clarify their beliefs as they go.

Who makes you feel most hopeful? Do you trust what is being said to you? Are you confidant that the next president definitely will make much-needed changes to our current situation?

Does it make more sense at this time to have faith in God? If we trust in God will we be assured of the perfect pick come November? Perhaps not.

We are a part of a global consciousness. We learn and grow together, sometimes. We may also suffer and become disillusioned together. As in our own lives, we learn more from controversy and issues which require problem-solving.

Do we know what is next on our agenda with God’s will? Is this the age when government becomes a perfectly oiled machine to meet all the needs of each citizen? ( I almost couldn’t keep a straight face when I asked this.)

This is 2012. The end of the Mayan Calendar. We have a much longer way to go. We are in a unique position now that we are expected to be self-directed, productive and prosperous. WE in this global community must make decisions which actually do benefit both ourselves and our neighbors.

It is time for us to be all grown up. Adults making adult decisions. Being accountable AND reliable.

Is the best place to accomplish these much-needed, human-centered decisions in the political realm? Perhaps not. When there is a loved one in need do you offer your help and resources or do you take them to a government institution and leave them on the door step? 

How cold does that seem? Does your loved one feel cared for or nurtured? No. They feel unprotected and abandoned. That is the same way you would feel in the same set of circumstances.

Politics are a reality but community and love are far more personal and effective. Send love and prayer into the world. Respond to the needs of others with your heart. Gather together with others and make some much-needed decisions which will benefit many people.

This is the most basic representation of “working from home.” Give the proper amount of attention to the presidential election and then take care of those in your community. Start in your own home and then expand outward.

Always be heartfelt and nurturing. When you see a need, respond to it with your own convictions and the desire to do God’s work. 

Have faith in God and know that you are just as important as the next president. You have as much or more ability to do good things for those around you. Never place yourself in less powerful company than God.

The goals of God are easily known and they have very little to do with the election process.

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