Times are Good Because it is OK to be Good

There are many reasons and purposes for all that God does for you. Much of what goes right is because it can go right. If you haven’t charted a hardship regarding a certain event or situation, then God is able to make your path very smooth.

Always remember to ask. Your requests don’t have to be in prayer or at a certain time. Just ask. When you think of it, ask it.

Please do not feel like you are being selfish or asking for preferential treatment. The Lord does not look at it that way. If help is not in conflict with your chart, then help will come. Simple.

Ask for your many needs. Ask for help for others. Ask for help in all matters and circumstances. The only thing to remember after that is to be thankful.

Humility goes a long way when God views your life. Showing gratitude is an instant boost to your personal energy. Grace is also a strong ingredient to your character. 

Be careful to stay away from greed and ego. If you start to feel that your life is full of bounty purely out of your own doing, then you’ll likely hit a snag. God will provide endless amounts of blessings until you become full of your own importance. You’ll be left without the grace that you repeatedly depend upon and your failure will impact your being.

It will continue this way until you have once again recognized that all prosperity comes from God. If you do not come back to this premise then life will continue barren and meaningless.

What you do with your bounty is also important. Always remember to be charitable. Greed will dry up your resources very quickly. It is also important to give to others without expectations of acknowledgment. Give from your heart because you have enough to share. If you were to draw attention to your good deed then it will lose some of it’s clarity.

Behave as God would behave in living your life. Give, share, support, love, honor and respect. You are truly God in human form. Always intend to live up to this basic truth and know that others are God as well.

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