Padding Our Nest

How many times have we thought in our lives about whether we have “enough” or are we prepared for what may happen? Do you spend a lot of time insuring things will go well and there will be nothing unplanned?

Do you feel that this behavior is time well-spent?

Faith would go a long way toward feeling protected and cared for. Things may go wrong but this is meant as a teaching experience. We all have unexpected emergencies charted for us. Faith is the substance of a flexible, spontaneous life.

 Too much planning may take all of the fun out of it. Imagine if you were to look at two different people in similar circumstances. One person is light-hearted and spontaneous and the other is rigid and upset by anything unplanned. Which person would you rather be? Which person throws a better party? Who experiences less stress?

Many of us are set into a certain type of behavior already. Looking to become more like the other person may feel very foreign and displeasing.

What about combining the two perspectives? Have expectations and yet be flexible when things happen that are spontaneous.

We could be organized yet care-free! We may be prepared for just about anything yet be creative and imaginative when plans start to change.

What fun! Doesn’t this sound like the perfect balance between fun and responsible? Moderation is always best in many situations and habits. Too much of one thing lacks dimension and creativity.

We have all heard of ZEN. Strive to exist in the balanced area between two poles. Faith will encourage you to feel safe and secure no matter the arising circumstances.

Faith also lends to knowing that God is always your guide and life is intended to create growth and maturity. No matter your current age or whether you have a family or you are single; faith grounds you. It is the confident yet loving person that we all seek to be near.

Have you ever noticed a person who exudes strength and confidence? We are drawn to them. We seek their guidance. We want to be included in that part of their life that bears such security.

We may all be that very person. We may try at all times to develop our confidence and be a role model to those who flounder more easily.

Practise that strength and belief in God. Nurture your tendancy to be careful yet care-free. Always believe in that safety net that the Universe protects you with. 

God watches over you always. Each day brings about repeated opportunities to learn and to grow. Your strength and confidence is a gift that you cherish because faith is at your core.


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