The Colors of Your Mind

What do the colors of your mind mean? Do you have a “favorite” color? Do you find that you tend toward certain color choices and blends? Are there changes in your color preferences as you age? What color car do you drive?

This all represents the differing stages of life that you are in.

Imagine a color wheel in your mind’s eye. What is the dominant color? Do you have emotions surrounding these colors?

We will review some of the meaning behind some different colors.

Red is strong and athletic. Usually favored by someone who is stable and reliable. Red people are attached firmly to the earth and make good financial providers in a family situation. A red aura indicates strength and agility. You love routine. 

Green people are loving and nurturing. If you have others that you provide care for then you are likely a green-centered person. Most commonly a parent but other care-giving situations also apply as well.

Green includes love, good health and healing. You may have suffered from emotional or physical illness but when you exude green this means that you are recovering from that illness state.

Green also includes a love of nature. Do you tend to plants? Do you go for walks in nature? Are you knowledgeable about elementals such as fairies or sprites? Do you gravitate toward crystals for health and healing?These habits tend to originate from green auras. 

Blue is creative and talented. Music is a very strong blue trait. Being artistic and well written are common. When you are busy, do you tend to sing or hum? Your aura is probably blue.

Blue people love to dance and flow. They seek water and dress colorfully. They don’t like to be held down and love work where they may be creative and independent. Rules are for everybody else.

Blues want to hug and keep up to date on your life. They avoid structure and will drop in on you on the fly. Your blue aura keeps your social calendar full!

Pink is fun and flirty. You enjoy being whimsical and bright. Love is your most enjoyable state. You like who you see in the mirror and smiling comes very easy.

Purple is very spiritual and devoted. You know God and you work to make your life close to what God would wish for you. You often question if you are on your path and you may be very harsh on yourself if you feel you have wandered from your life’s purpose.

Those with a purple aura see themselves draped in the robes of Godliness. They seek a higher purpose and may be harsh critics of those who are not on the spiritual path.

They communicate with spirit and often find themselves drawn to be psychics or mediums. They are very willing to tell you just how to make changes in your life, as well.

People with a purple aura return home and exist in close proximity to God. They have invested much time and effort into becoming their higher self.

Yellow is fun and mutable. They change their personality right before your eyes. They love to laugh and be entertaining but then tire of the limelight and seek solitude until their next performance.

Yellow people love to nest. They put a lot of effort into their homes and want others to enjoy all of their hard work. They may invite you over to see their nest and gather a multitude of compliments.

They spend a lot of time perfecting their public persona, then express how much they need to change or be different. The yellow aura person is never done creating themselves and they love when other yellows join in the fun.

Beware of the convoy of yellows. Sure, you will have a good time but you will then need some time to recover!

An orange aura represents someone who is steadfast about who they are but yet feel imperfect just the same. They are always a work in progress. They will change the color of paint on their walls a few different times.

They want you to appreciate them and yet feel like if you do, then you don’t know what you are talking about! Just try to figure them out! 

Oranges love their belongings. They take time to choose and decide, but once they have made their decision, they keep some things for life.

You may think they are moody. They give you a different face each time you greet them. Oranges are like fireworks. They dance, sing and blaze brightly. Then, they crumble and fall to earth and blend in with the surroundings.

There are so many colors that people may be. There are stunning and bright colors as well as dark and dismal ones. It is not difficult to imagine what the darker auras mean.

Now you realize that we all change as we grow and mature. Our auras change with joy and with illness. Some of us may shift through colors quickly and some of us more slow and steady.

It is also obvious that we want to be in the brighter more lively colors and avoid being grey or darker. Browns represent illness or turmoil.

It is possible to be a muddy yellow or brownish-blue. The brighter and clearer your “color” the more positive and healthy you are feeling!

This is but a small slice of what color choices may mean to you and others around you. Have fun trying to figure some of this out. Don’t take anything too serious, it isn’t meant to be a challenge. This is just a small part of who you present yourself to be to the world.

Love God and above all, love yourself.



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