Travel the World by Taking a Few Small Steps

Have you always wanted to see the world?

Do you have the desire to live in a different locale?

Have you grown tired of your same surroundings?

There is no need to go anywhere new. Find different surroundings right where you are now!

Be calm and centered. Breathe slowly and deeply. Relax to the point where your Heavenly Hosts may speak to you more clearly. RECEIVE these messages.

Attempt to meditate each day. Be still. Be quiet enough for God to speak to you.

There are so many more layers of life right here, where you are now. Travel deeper into your subconscious. Relax.

Your love may easily be a deeper love. Your happiness may be a more fulfilling happiness. Your home may be a more peaceful home.

Are you restless because you haven’t yet learned how to relax and be still? Keep trying. Find your best time of day and the most relaxing setting.

Ask your questions. Seek guidance. Do you wonder what you still have to accomplish right here, where you are? That is fine. We all need some guidance at times.

Ask your question and seek the answer. Ask for spirit to provide you the answer in a way that you will recognise it. Perhaps a song, a news item, a billboard, or even a knowing from somewhere inside.

THEN, accept it and don’t second-guess what you have been given! It is amazing how many people talk themselves out of the divine guidance that they received. If writing it down will help you to avoid changing it, then write it down. Always remember that feeling when you first knew it was true and meant as a message for you.

If it is difficult to meditate, then answer your own questions. If you have a troubled relationship with someone, add more love and understanding. If you are unfulfilled in your job, look for something new or attempt to renew your interest right where you are. If you are lonely, make new friends…

Make a list of the issues you want to change, then, add God. Add love, understanding, patience, forgiveness, hope, growth, maturity… Add any and all offerings that God would have you add. Simple, yet profound.

Make it better. Find peace and relaxation and view your world in a different light. What are you meant to learn? Who are you intended to help? Who needs your forgiveness? 

Follow God’s path even if you are not able to hear Him. Eventually, the words will come to you more easily and you will notice all of the divine help that comes into your life. Be aware of these gifts and be thankful.

God’s Love Surrounds Us All, Truly.

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