Your Treasure, or Mine?

Treasure is purely subjective. What one person values, another may despise.

What do you treasure now? Have your priorities changed over the years? Do you smile when you think about what you used to value?

Remember always that we are here to learn and grow. We may focus on money, but there are truly more important things that are involved in a happy life.

What makes you feel fulfilled? What do you have or what have you done that makes you proud? Aside from money, what are your goals?

If you were to list from 1 to 10 all of the things that describe you, what would be on that list?

Do you get the hint? Your goal in life, prior to incarnation, rarely has to do with being wealthy. There are lives that were charted to include financial wealth but there is always another purpose for it.

Are you able to be wealthy and not cheat others in business? Does wealth bring about addictions to drugs, alcohol or gambling? Are you a good parent despite your wealth? Are you able to give your children vast wealth and have them mature without addictions or unscrupulous behavior? Do you give some of your wealth to charity? Do you  degrade people because you know they want some of your money? Do you respect your spouse or hold your financial stature over them? Have you donated money to develop new or improved technology?

The different life directions involving money are endless. There is always a secondary goal to wealth when you charted this life.

In fact, many people may be very happy and fulfilled without any substantial amount of cash at all!

As you mature you will learn that true wealth has more to do with good health, family, children, close friends, a loving partner, and fulfillment.

If you are blessed to have money on top of what is truly important then look to see what you may improve in the life of others. Charity is always a goal of our earth-lives. We merely forget that somewhere along the way.

Once you pass to the Other Side you will be instantly reminded of your initial intent for this lifetime. Guaranteed that it had nothing to do with selfishness and greed.  

Review your life as it now stands. Make changes in accordance with God’s Will. Do what promotes your happiness and the well-being of others, as well.

Imagine your life chart written in gold and on display for all others to see. Love, honesty and good will are written there. Conspicuously absent is greed and self-absorption.

It is OK to lose your way now and then, but please realign with your higher purpose as often as possible. Just imagine what beautiful and wondrous things you intended to do when you came here!

No one is judging you. Find your way again when you realise that you have gone astray. There is always time for being positive and happy. Take your mind off of “I need” and “I want” and wonder instead about how you may make things better all around.

In the end, God will welcome you home, always.

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