What is the purpose of politics? None really.

Government was initially set up to keep things in order such as money, deeds, sales, settlements, business and laws to protect people from unforseen circumstances.

It has evolved into a massive, self-promoting  franchise. The original intent is gone. In fact, the original intent disappeared soon after government had begun.

Everyone is looking to make a profit. The system would not be able to function without deals and prospective pay-offs. There is not one law or ordinance that doesn’t have attachments to it.

The bigger government gets, the more laws are needed to keep it from spiraling out of control.

Even the “honest” man owes somebody something.

Nothing gets done without someone looking to unfairly benefit from it.

It makes you wonder if anything may be accomplished by the basic intent to help and protect people. Is there a lobbyist to keep the lobbyists out of government? No!

When seeking God’s direction about politics and government we must look first to the original intent then make concerted efforts to back to that. Government exists to take care of people and keep many things in order.

Does it matter who wins the presidential election? Of course. We all gain perspective about how to improve our life and the lives of others as we mature. We make decisions about who to elect by attempting to judge  who will make the best decisions for everyone.

Most of act in good faith. Many do not.

It would be virtually impossible to expect full disclosure from anyone in politics. That would amount to political suicide.

What we can do is make the best decisions we can with the information we have. Then for the next election, do the same. Always pray for guidance for all of our leaders.

There is plenty of room for faith in all areas of our lives. Make decisions with a clear conscience and the desire to help all others as well as yourself.

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