The Gift

What is “The Gift?” It is the ability to hear and speak to spirit. So many questions may be answered by speaking to those from the other side of the veil. They are here to help, just as angels and guides. If we were more open to this possibility we would lead better directed and goal-oriented lives.

What is the fear all about? Why do we choose to disbelieve in the ability to communicate with loved ones who have passed? Is this really so unimaginable?

Not at all. If we believe in God and the Holy Spirit then it makes sense that we may speak to either and be confident that we were heard.

Doesn’t the belief in God also imply the belief in someone who is all-knowing? Omnipotent describes our Creator. Then, there are other beings who are omnipotent as well.

Faith has everything to do with belief.

Belief in the love and guidance of God. Belief that our human lives may end but our soul lives on. Belief that we have those who are interconnected with us in this life and others. Belief that God has created Angels and guides to walk beside each of us.

Certainly the Universal Energy makes it possible for spirit to relate to us even after leaving this earth life. From them we may learn and explore success and failure. There is guidance and direction available. We came into this life to learn and to experience. Those who have decided to be our family or friends may also help our experience after they die.

Would God really create us and NOT provide unseen loved ones to help us through this incarnation? To believe in God also means to believe in spirit. In makes sense. Do we not believe in Jesus just because we can’t see him? No!

So it is with spirit. There is no fear when speaking to loved ones passed. We need not be skeptical of psychics and mediums unless they are dishonest. There is a possibility for any human to be dishonest no matter what their profession. Do not buy into fear just because this reality is unfamiliar to you. Many reassuring words could be heard if you have an open mind and BELIEVE that your loved ones are truly near you.

Any accurate psychic/medium could give you reaffirming information so that you would be content in knowing that your loved one is near. You may hear from God, Jesus, Angels and spirit guides as well. You did not come here to be left alone. Spirit comes to you at all times and you may feel so reassured that they are there. 


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