Miracles of Rescue

Miracles happen every day. Most of us don’t recognize them as miracles because we don’t know enough of the information surrounding the event.

Much of what happens is life-saving intervention. We may fall into a dangerous situation in which we may become severely injured or even killed.  God intervenes because we are not intended to leave this incarnation yet.

This time in our chart was not predetermined to be an exit point and we have much more to do.

There are many stories about this very type of intervention. A strong place to look would be near-death experiences. People will often tell their story and refer to illnesses that were so severe that they should not have reasonably survived. Others may recount details of accidents that were inexplicably altered in a way as to preserve their health and well-being.

Things shifted unexpectedly. Something was lifted instead of pushed. There was a person who helped who then was nowhere to be found. 

Many speak of the tunnel of White Light. They get close to the end and “someone” tells them that it is not their time and they need to return back to their body.

This happens more often then anyone would realise. Many people do not share their tales. They may be fearful of being mocked or they may not believe in God or another higher power. Sometimes it is that they are so very private and they don’t want to share this part of their life with anyone.

Others are very vocal! They share their experiences with many and may perhaps write a book or news article.

We are not alone. We are closely gaurded by our Heavenly Hosts. If we venture into dark territory it is by our choice. To go against your chart requires some effort.

If we suffer illness or experience an “accident” it is most often because we charted it so we may learn or teach by this experience.

There truly are events that no one had intended. If we are not to be taken so far off course then Heaven may intervene on our behalf. We don’t plan for random events like this. It happens purely by chance.

God watches over us at all moments. We are valued and loved. We are here to experience and to learn and we brought many guides with us to keep us not only on course, but safe.

Listen to those who have been rescued from the brink of tragedy. We are all capable of being equally protected by our Savior. It is very much like being the child of God and the Universe. We are watched over very intently and tenderly.

Know that YOU are most precious and Our Father cares and protects us all.

We are not alone. Ever. Ask for God’s soldiers to be beside you and watch over you in times of need. If you are headed toward a catastrophic event, shout out loud for the help of your Father and give thanks for the miracle of your life.

Go in grace and KNOW that you are cradled in the bosom of God and all of his Mighty Warriors.


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