The Road Ahead

The road ahead is wrought with hard work and attention to details. You haven’t had to work this hard at being balanced and productive in a long time.

Why is it getting more difficult? Some of the earth energies are becoming stagnant and there are pools of despair that have not been seen in a few years. Humans are suffering through heat, drought and flooding. Many homes have been destructed by wild fires.

This much suffering has to be felt in the Universal Consciousness. How could we all simply ignore all of the tragedy and loss? Many of know and love people who are losing their homes or suffering from the heat. What will happen to the crops after months of difficult weather?

Each of us is touched in some way by the current events. 

Liken this time to rebuilding a house that has been lost to destruction. Begin by cleaning the debris and preparing the ground for a new foundation. Ensure that the rebuilding is done properly. Follow all the rules of solid homebuilding.

Layer upon layer of building materials and labor will be required. Plan and prepare for a sturdy home and a happy lifestyle. Do your best to envision this home to be better than the one before. Keep working until the last detail has been completed.

This is a lot of spiritual work that needs to be done. We are at the very beginning. There is a building plan and plenty of need. Start anywhere and rebuild.

By the Spring of 2013 most of us will be finished. There is little time to waste. If you put things off or lag behind you will not have your home rebuilt on time. 

This is when we all need to be busy and set goals. Don’t skip any tasks because then your home will not be secure or sturdy. If you rebuild a shoddy home, then your future will be needlessly difficult.

The rest of 2012 will be colorful and unsettled. Stay grounded and centered. Prayer will keep you current in the trends of societies emotions. 

Send love and support into your community. Note who has fallen behind in their home rebuilding and send them White Light.

Take good care of yourself, your family and loved ones. When society begins to grow and prosper again in the Spring, you will be assured that not only are you prepared but you will be in the best position to sky-rocket with the new energy which will blanket the earth.

All of human history involves times of prosperity and loss. These are times of spiritual growth. Don’t allow any negativity to weigh you down. KNOW that this shift in energy was expected and you charted this opportunity to learn by leaps and bounds.

All of Heaven will toil beside you. You are never alone or unloved.

Find strength and prosper.


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