All Colors, All Faiths

What is the color of your brother’s skin? All colors, all races and all religions.

Does your affinity for a certain culture and religion come from what is familiar to you? Do you favor people who are from the same background and race? Does this make you fearful or prejudice toward people who do not fit your family mold?

It does not have to. It is possible to allow others to lead their lives in their own manner and not be fearful or judgmental about them. What is the ethnic background, hair color and skin tone of Jesus? Yet, we are able to embrace ourselves as people in His likeness.

Many of us do not mirror His background or ethnic make-up yet we are honest, reliable and loving people. God and Christ have never turned their back on us because we may be from a different culture. In turn, we are capable of accepting other ethnicities as one with us. 

There is no inclusion for prejudice in your soul growth. In worship and faith we are fully capable of NOT seeing people of different color as bad or unworthy. We may truly see others as fellow travelers on the same course.

By opening our eyes to judgment-free love, we may increase our own soul growth exponentially. View others with the same acceptance and respect as God sees all of us. Why would it be any other way?

Don’t get caught up in the cycle of oppressing different religions. We have our freedom to love God as we choose and others may choose their own. One religion isn’t more acceptable than the others. The only exception is the darker faiths that feed upon fear and evil.

Our Creator may go by many names. Through history, other cultures have chosen their own name for God and their own means of worship. As long as they worship with Light and love there is nothing to be frustrated about.

Some religions were developed in primitive cultures. They chose to believe prior to the constructions of cathedrals and alters. That is wonderful! This history should be praised not admonished.

See all of your brothers with blindness to color or race. Acknowledge their choice to worship in their way just as you are allowed to worship in yours.

Think of how liberating this would be! Love. True, deep and enduring love for everyone. Drop the need to judge and condemn and love as freely as God!

It would feel as though you were dropping heavy shackles from your wrists and ankles. How liberating. Begin today. See those you encounter without notions about their skin tone. Simply see a hard-working man or a tender and loving mother. See OUR children pay and laugh. We all deserve this much respect.

Treat all others as you would have others treat you.

In Faith and Hope, Come to See Me in Your Widened View,


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