Life Purpose Spoken by Our Brother, the Son of God

What are the expectations that Heaven has for your current incarnation?

1. Forgiveness. Find forgiveness for ALL others in your life. Not only did you agree to each incident between you and this other person (in your life chart)but you expected to learn a great lesson from this conflict.

We are here to learn and this individual was placed upon your path to help. Simple.

2. Love for All others. Hold no prejudice or judgment against anyone. God loves each of his children and you are expected to do the same.

3. Procreation. You charted whether you were to raise children during this lifetime. This is a truly unique way to pass all of your knowledge and experience on to another generation. This dynamic is very effective and many of us use “family” to learn and share with those close to you.

Family lines are important when charting your life. We choose to enter into a family structure which forces us to deal with very specific dynamics. These lessons are why we came here to begin with and your family has agreed to help you achieve spiritual advancement.

4. Leadership is a part of each earth life. We seek to speak out in support of many things. The person who stays in the shadows and avoids the challenge of leadership misses out on some very important growth opportunities. 

We only refer to supporting causes or reform because speaking out against something is not God’s way. If you wish to end war then speak out in support of peace. If you wish to make changes in the lives of the jobless then speak out for economic development, and so on… Always remain in the positive.

5. Economic growth is a prominent goal, for God wants his children to support themselves and others with financial prosperity. Build schools and museums. Donate to medical institutions. Promote learning and growth.

Money is necessary. Use your blessings of financial prosperity to help your culture gain insight into the Light and positive reform.

At times “Pennies From Heaven” are given to you as a means of testing your aptitude for charity.

6. Love and respect ALL of God’s creatures. Knowing that a child may be a cat or dog or even a guinea pig. Promote the wellbeing of every soul in your circle of life.

Humans hold the future of many earth creatures in their hands. Show kindness and care to keep your ecosystem in blissful balance. Every kind act ripples out into the earth as a positive influence.

Be the author of many such kind acts.

7. Worship. Speak to your inner self as well as your outer self and proclaim your devotion to the Universe and our Creator. You need not attend a service in a house of worship. A simple testament of your faith may be very private and personal.

Find the perfect way for you to share your life with our co creator. Any and all words of belief and faith will be heard. Find your center and praise to Heaven.

8. Follow. We all must lead and we all must follow. There are different lessons learned by being the leader and many more to be learned as a follower. Both dynamics are necessary.

The closer you are to your center, the easier you will perceive which role to play. Act in both manners with faith and conviction!

9. Prosper in all ways. Prosperity is possible in finances but also in more sensitive and creative ways. Create what your heart desires and allow the world to share in it. Joy and love radiate to those around you and the product of your action blesses each person who enter into your circle.

10. BECOME. Complete each phase of life and continue on to the next. Learn, grow and mature. Recognize each and every lesson and thank God for the opportunity to make progress and succeed. 

Give praise and gratitude to ALL of your Heavenly Hosts, for they walk beside you tirelessly. Each emotion and experience is a lesson and God shares in all of your success.

We are here to BECOME. Become what? Whatever you and God decided as you authored this chart. It may be a teacher, student, author, doctor, builder, minister, mother, father or sibling. There are times to lead and other times to follow. There are children or there are not. There is wealth or poverty. All of our roles were created to build our life experiences and grow closer to God.

All of your goals intercept and influence each other. You know in your soul who you truly are and we are all working toward ascension.

Each life contains success and failure. The truth is, even failure is a success if the lessons were learned!

Go Forward in Faith and Accept My Love for You.

God’s Simple Soldier, Jesus.

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