We Begin the Story of “Coming Home”

Lay your weary head to rest. What does it feel like to “come home.”

It is a grand awakening. You will all-at-once feel very much alive yet immensely at peace.

The Light is all-consuming and all comforting. Everyone will recognize the Light for many stories have already been told.

The first image you will see is of your loved ones and guides approaching you to provide comfort and reassurance. Some dearly loved pets may be there as well.

You will be given a time of adjustment before your orientation will begin.

This process differs based upon the circumstances of your passing. If you died suddenly, violently or by your own hand you are held in stasis for as long as needed before a Higher Guide is able to approach you and help you understand your passing. If you passed at a predetermined point in time the above stated process is followed.

Reintegration into the Higher Realm takes time. Your recent life is reviewed and you decide upon how well you progressed through your learning or if you stumbled along the way.

Many authors and spiritual leaders claim that just by making it all the way to the end is a success in and of itself. This is not wholly accurate. There is always the expectation of learning and growth involved in every earth life. There is no other reason to incarnate.

Your guides will always deal with you in complete love and support but the shortcomings of this most recent life will be discussed. Each human life is charted for the specific purpose of either teaching or learning. If you purposely avoid all uncomfortable or difficult situations, much will be lost.

Do not fear! You are obviously on or very near to your path if you are reading this statement. If you were lost to God’s direction you would have not chosen to read this in the first place.

Remember to pray, meditate, and ground and center yourself. Listen carefully to God’s direction and stay the course to the best of your ability.

This reader (Lisa) and others may help by giving you specific direction in which to take your life. Some readers may even read your life chart and be very specific with their guidance.

Please continue upon your path or begin again. Accept each new situation as it comes and resist the desire to avoid something. Each day is a wonder in every aspect of God’s universe. Eagerly accept the challenge and look with faith toward the next hurdle.

Life is best accomplished when taken with your best intentions and positive action. Do not dip into darkness, negativity or laziness. There is nothing there of God’s gifts. There is only heartache and sorrow.

Bring Light into your life and the lives of those near you. When you stand upon the grail of retrospection, the most difficult lessons will shine with the brightest gold. You will express pride in your achievements and take comfort in a job well done.

The entirety of your life will swiftly come into focus and your immediate awareness of each task will be wholly obvious.

The reality of living in the everlasting plane will be discussed in greater detail as we come to know each other more closely. We will answer all of your questions and concerns. You never walk this path alone.  Look for Me and feel assured by My presence.

With All of the Glory of God, Our Father.


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