Gentle Guidance Is All You Need

Many of us spend so much time waiting for “a sign” to push us out of our seats. It doesn’t happen like this. God and His Disciples work in softer and quieter ways. Waiting to get bowled over will NOT serve your purposes.

If you are near or on your path then a gentle nudge is all you will need. You may see or hear “coincidences” in people’s conversations or on the radio or in any number of various ways. Or, someone may speak directly to you and use words or phrases intended to give you direction without them realizing it.

If you are calm and centered then these gentle messages will not escape your notice for you are “in tune” with your path and celestial guidance. You won’t have to question or second-guess anything for you will recognize how it feels very right.

The further you are away from your path the louder and more traffic-stopping the message may get. At this point you haven’t responded to gentle prodding and have wandered further away than your guides would like.

A jolting experience may realign you with FAITH, BELIEF and SPIRIT. You may realize how far astray that you have gone and will immediately take steps to realign yourself with your path. Or…you won’t recognize the detour that you have taken and your guides will have to decide upon another means of getting your attention.

What happens when you have lost your way? There are aspects of your chart that will either wait in cue for you to come back to center so you may experience all of the lessons that you have charted for this earth-life. Or, you may lose some of those experiences and your path will be rejoined without those lessons learned.

It is likely if the lesson was important enough that you will have charted some alternate steps to take in order to gain the experiences that you came here to learn from originally.

You are wondering if your chart could possibly be that detailed? The answer is “yes.”

Some lessons we learn quickly while going through it once. There are other times when we experience the same circumstances repeatedly in order to learn the lesson. We may recognize these “cycles,” or not. 

Our lifetime may have cycles of punitive bosses, abusive partners, bad money management, drunk driving, risky behavior, failing grades, joblessness…The first step to making positive changes is to recognize the cycles to begin with. What do we do or what beliefs do we have about ourselves which lead to these repeated scenarios? Please recognize that the repetition occurs because we haven’t made the positive changes needed to stop them. This knowledge is definitely in our chart since we played this cycle over and over again in order to learn it. 

Even more interesting is when we are in a situation where we feel encouraged to give another person some advice and in actuality that advice was intended for you to take as well! An example may be encountering people who have painful feet. You offer advice about types of shoes, seeing a podiatrist or the best kinds of insoles, not realizing that your own feet hurt and you need to follow your own advice!  Or your friend is in an abusive relationship and you give the best advice but don’t realize that your relationship closely mirrors theirs and you need to take positive steps as well.

Stay grounded and centered. Meditate and pray. Listen to the gentle words of all of your guides and see the Light of your intended path.

We orchestrated each step of our lives. There are many lessons and experiences that we intended to achieve. Every event is intended to teach you something and some of the most important lessons are learned from hardship or pain.

Know this and welcome all of your life experiences. We came here to grow and to learn. Where you are right now is exactly what you asked for. Make the best of it and support others as they learn their lessons as well.

There is no coincidence. There is only God.

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