Come To Me In All Times

The Lord invites you come to His alter at times of peace and times of anguish.

There is never a bad time to seek the presence of God and His Son. We cherish your presence at any time. It is Our honor to behold you in your barest form when the truth may be most easily shared.

We seek to uphold you at all times. We have only love in Our hearts for you. Speak to Us as trusted friends. We have endless patience for all of your thoughts and feelings.

The term “bear your soul” refers to the times when you lay your will down and seek Our guidance without shame or defiance. This is when We connect with you on a soul-level and when We may answer all of your concerns and fears. 

Make attempts to hear Our words daily. We never seek to admonish or chastise you. Our hearts are filled with eternal love and mutual respect.

If you hear a voice which causes you shame, this is not Us. We seek to uplift you with support and praise alone.

Our wish is for you and yours to come to the palace of God and make your place beside Me . Our words do not incite fear. Beware the many darkened houses of “god” where fear is served up as gospel. This is NOT the covenant of God to lead in fear and anguish. Seek the gentle, supportive love of your True Savior.

Walk with Me and We will gather true greatness together. 

Come and sit beside Me when you need a true friend. I am your brother in Christ. We came from the center of Our Father and We will triumph together. 

Trust Me with the all of your hopes and dreams as well as your temptations and fears. I will never leave your side.

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