What Would Jesus Say to You?

In times of prayer, do you call upon Jesus? Do you speak to him as the brother that you had never met or the sibling who lives in another time far away?

Do you connect with him at all? When you pray do you speak to God alone? Is there room in your life for one who had lived and died as your human ancestor? Do you ever think of Jesus?

I’m sure that we all have. Either in times of need or when lost in contemplation.

What would he say to us now?

1. Never lose hope. Even when all seems lost, it never is. The hard times are meant to teach you more difficult lessons. All these lessons are necessary. We learn at all times and  finding FAITH and HOPE at all of these moments is the most important lesson of all.

2. Love begins inside of your heart and grows outward when you have fully healed. Healed from what? Anything. We all have differing lessons in life. Some are physical others emotional. Some grow out of childhood and others come about as you age. When your heart has enough strength you will look outside of “you” for others to love.

This may happen as an infant in some. Others have issues to lay to rest. Some may live an entire lifetime and not be healed enough to love anyone but themselves.

Look in your heart and decide if you have things to settle. Start by finding a positive and healthy outlet for your pain and make definite progress toward becoming whole.

Once you have attained that stable, emotional foundation, your love for yourself and others will grow immensely.

3. Never feel anger to those who know less than you. Always have compassion. Judgment is never acceptable when interacting with someone who isn’t whole yet. Instead find patience, love and understanding.

Resist the urge to feel better than anyone. The True Spirit of Christ is loving ALL others as you love yourself. Humility is essential to Walking in the Light.

4. Judge not and choose instead to inspire! Lead by example and forgive all others.

5. Plan for your return to God’s Consciousness. Futile, human needs are so unimportant. Focus instead upon your Soul growth.

How deeply do you love and is there anything standing in the way of your complete fulfillment? If so, work to settle all of these barriers and live in the Light as soon as possible. Please do not wait until old age sets in upon you. So much time would have been wasted by then.

6. Love all of your teachers and students alike. 

7. Your home need not be the dwelling of kings.

8. True faith is found when you are lost in hunger and need. If all seems hopeless, by anyone’s standards, yet you are able to come to God, this is the hallmark of undeniable faith.

9. Grief is lost on the living. There is never a time when you need to miss your loved ones who have crossed over. We all come to celebrate in the end and no one is ever lost to you.

10. Pray when times are good as well as when times are bad. Faith is ever present when your heart chooses to believe.


(Wow! I have a new guide and I am having some difficulty trying to translate all that he has to say. I feel like I am not doing his fine prose any justice.

I will keep trying.



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