Healing with God’s Help

How are you feeling? Are there medical concerns that you have not addressed with your Dr. yet? Are you finding ways to work around your physical ailments?

Stop! You are not doing yourself any good by putting things off. Get to your Dr. and take better care of yourself. By ignoring your medical issues you are allowing your overall health to suffer.

Are you ready to leave this world? No? Well then why are you allowing your physical body to become damaged by neglect?

This physical vessel is what keeps you in this realm. Without your physical body you will no longer be able to sustain your human life. In fact, by allowing your body to go untreated you are affecting your ability to connect with all of your Heavenly Hosts.

Your connection to God is stronger when you feel good and you aren’t mowed under by medical issues. Fat, cholesterol, sugar, alcohol and not medically necessary drugs all impair your Divine connection.  

What if your heart disease, arthritis or bowel condition are not stable? This will also affect your ability to accept and understand guidance.

Be cautious about artificial food ingredients. Avoid food items with too much of any one item, such as sugar or fat.

Please make an appointment and see your physician. Get everything addressed and treated. Don’t allow medical illness to impair your ability to live the life that God has intended you to live.

Be sensible about what you eat and get some exercise. When you are feeling great you will have more energy and creativity.

Please find a healthy balance between spiritual healing and western medicine. A combination of both perspectives will help you to feel your absolute best!

Take care of yourself. This body has to last all the way to the end of your life-chart. If we are going to be here for a while we might as well feel fantastic!

Your partnership with God includes effective self-care,


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  • You Were Born To Succeed  On May 21, 2012 at 4:59 pm

    Hello Evelyn,
    I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspired Blogger Award because you inspire me. Congratulations, and thanks for your blog!

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