What You Didn’t Get To Say

Do you still have lingering grief? Have you noticed that the rebirth of Spring brings along some left over feelings of loneliness?

Even if your loved ones have been gone for many years, we still miss them at certain times of the year. Any words of appreciation or good-bye may still be said, for many of your loved ones passed are still thinking of you as well.

It is NEVER too late to say good-bye.

When you find yourself thinking about someone who has passed, it may also be that they are with you at that same time. Perhaps your longing is actually triggered by their visit.

There is no need to argue against this because he or she did not believe in the afterlife or ghosts. We may all change our minds about many things once we have left this Earth…again.

Uncle Joe never believed in God. Well, now he does because he dwells in the House of God. Grandpa Earl always said that loved ones in spirit was utter nonsense! Now he knows better!

People are able to change their minds after death just as we are able to change our minds while in life. Talk to them. Hold their picture or remember them in detail and send them a Hello! Let them know that you love them and you miss them still.

Offer some type of honor. Light a candle, bake their favorite bread, set out the needle point that they had given you…

Also remember that they may be capable of complete forgiveness. Whatever you had done in life that they did not approve of, they may understand more now about how you felt and what caused you to decide what you did.

Maybe. It is also possible that they are living on the Other Side and they hold the same opinions and grudges that they always did. Sometimes we don’t change much after leaving this Earth plane. Sadly, in this instance they have denied themselves a chance to advance and grow closer to God.

What is important is that you clear your heart and soul of barriers and judgment. Your life will be much more productive if you release the negative feelings that you have for anyone in spirit.

Show your maturity and soul-growth and forgive all others. Hope is possible now that your loved ones passed, may have found peace.

Forgive their judgment and stubbornness. The Light may find them in good company and they want only what is best for you. It is possible that they have looked back on their lives and have now seen a better way to have interacted with you.

It is truly possible. The best approach would be for you to meet them halfway and offer your forgiveness to them. If they do not join you at that center point then that is Ok too. What matters most is that you have unburdened your heart with regard to them. You have shown them a boundless ability to love and they may seek to reconnect with you at any time of their choosing.

These acts speak well of you. You are making better, more enlightened decisions and your soul will prosper because of it.

Honor your loved ones who have crossed over. If you are thinking of them they may also be thinking of you! Don’t worry if they left and you were unable to make amends with them. After leaving this plane they may have found absolute forgiveness for you and others as well.

They may have already made a fresh start with regards to you and your relationship with them. It may be nearly impossible to keep a grudge when you are surrounded by Light and Love!

In the spirit of Spring, start anew.


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