What Does the Super Moon Have to Say?

Some very wonderful, enlightening things!

1. Lay your soul bare. Speak to the moon as if it is your most trusted friend. Let all of your wishes and dreams be carried by the universe to the moon so that it may keep your secrets and give you blessings in return.

Just by saying your secrets out loud you will experience a great cleansing. Do not hold back. There is no shame, fear or editing of your thoughts. This moon is full of love for each of us and she wants you to “begin again,” now. 

2. Get back on your path. The super moon wants you to find that one true path again. She recognizes that we all stray from our true destination for various reasons. It seems this year has us straying even more. Why? Because of the increased solar energy that is washing over us and the Earth.

There are so many enlightened possibilities that have bombarded us and will continue to do so throughout this year. Never forget that 2012 is a monumental year in our Earth existence. There are many sources of energy that have been brought to us and we may have veered from our paths because of the increased pressure.

Pray, meditate and seek direction to come back to your life path, now.

3. Look for love. We have turned inward again. Whether it is distraction or self-preservation, we have not noticed all of the wonderful people and events in our environment.

Are we done hibernating? I believe so. Now is the time to see how many wonderous and beautiful people have entered our circle of existence.

Spring is the perfect time to give and receive love!

4. Clean up the clutter. There are so many objects in your life that the Light cannot fully embrace you. Some things may be thrown out and other items donated. Now is the time to do it.

The Earth is being flushed with energy for growth and renewal and you have too many distractions. Make time and space for your communion with God.

 The super moon will give you the added boost to get these things done. 

5. Plant and tend to existing vegetation. The amount of joy in your life may be increased 10-fold if you increase the amount of plants that you nurture. 

After you have done your gardening, don’t you notice the peace and tranquility that comes over you? This is your attachment or reconnection with Mother Earth.

The super moon gives strength and energy to all life while she is present. You may increase your attachment to Heaven and Earth with her help.

6. Trust. Have faith. Let go and know that you are cared for and protected by all of our Earth guides, including the moon.

Sit and watch as she takes over the skies. Connect with her and feel the strength she brings. The energy she gives to us may be used in many differing and positive ways. 

Embrace her in complete faith and feel the gift of love that she envelopes you with. 

7. Look to the moon as your trusted friend. She has watched over you for many a lifetime and she holds only love for you in her heart. She has known you for a millenia and she has not stopped supporting you, even once. 

Use this time of your closest connection to her as a time to let go of negative energy and to heal your body, mind and soul.

The moon has never let you down. Her Light is always there for you to behold. It wouldn’t feel like home without her.

Blessed be this enlightened time and close connection of universal love,


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  • passionfortruths  On May 9, 2012 at 2:00 am

    Ah, ya.. the super moon does not happen monthly. But it happened on Wesak Day. Ho wonderful. 🙂

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