Stand Your Ground?!

This action is NOT in your covenant with God. There is never a reason to take someone’s life.

We are here on Earth to continue through our charts until we reach the natural end. There are NOT any provisions for suicide or murder.

We are here for the purposes of gaining knowledge and experience for our own soul and for God. The act of taking a life is only possible if you are existing in the darkness and you have turned away from God.

Our life purpose is to achieve and maintain a relationship with all that is good and holy despite the negativity that permeates this plane. To take a life is darkness alone.

Even the act of taking a life to save your own, is a sensitive subject. We have a chart. We came here to experience life for ourselves and to teach others through our existence. Your chart never includes killing anyone. If you are faced with a life-or-death situation then you have written this act to teach your loved ones about tragedy and loss. 

The loss of your life is intended to push your loved ones to act on behalf of the Light and seek peaceful responses to what had become of you. There are many acceptable outcomes. None of the God-centered outcomes include capital punishment or vigilantism.

Our most basic response would be to offer forgiveness to the perpetrator and find Light in our own soul.

Other responses include advocating on behalf of other victims, establishing support groups for victims, offering training for others to avoid being victimized, pushing for laws to keep other victims safe…

God’s heart does not allow for the ultimate act of violence; taking someone’s life. 

See past our need for retribution. Our mantle in life is to seek the Light and bring it to others.

Allow God to reign over our souls as He has intended. We do not have the authority to be the executioner of any other human.

Allow this TRUTH to linger in your heart and feel freed by the acceptance of His Holy Word.

Allow God to love you as followers of the Light,


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