It Is Time To Prepare

Spring is the time of rebirth and regrowth. The Earth shakes off her winter chill and looks again toward the sun.

We begin to think of warm weather and outdoor activities. We look all around and see the new beginning of this growing season.

We watch as birds and plants become more active. All of us reach for the sun and seek the warmth of her rays on our upturned faces.

Gone are the listless days of winter; overcast and damp. We plan and prepare for the fun and sun of summer.

How do you feel spiritually? Are the bright, sunny days breaking through and giving Light and Love to your soul?

This is a good place to start. Renew your faith in God. Make plans for being more active and send your Spring Joy out into the universe! 

Add color and fresh scents to your home and place of work. Wear your bright and festive clothes and smile as bright as the sun!

What changes has this year brought? Are you still feeling the waves of energy? Have you decided what the Mayan calendar truly means? Has this election year changed any part of your life?

There is so much happening that we may not be able to absorb it all. The best place to start is right at home. Make sure you feel well and take good care of yourself.

Are your relationships in order? Is there someone who you need to reconnect with? Is there someone who needs your forgiveness?

Let go of all of your tethers. Send joy and love into the world. Release any need to be dark and moody. Now is not the time to focus inward. Look out and absorb the wonderful and positive sensations that Mother Earth is sending to you.

Embrace the coming full moon and open yourself to the transformation that needs to take place. Let go of your need to be controlling and unforgiving. This is NOT how God wants you to be.

True strength and resilience comes from being a knowing Child of God. You are great. You are powerful. You are loved. Understand and be still.

Take great comfort in your faith. We are ONE with God and it is time to step out from the shadows and be heard and be seen.

Every one of us has a road to take and goals to meet. This is a year of great transformation and we cannot allow ourselves to lag behind. Move forward and take your place in the House of God. Meet all the wonders of 2012 with hunger.

Find your center and grow outward from there. Spring is for growth and birth and your intentions take on more meaning. Draw that crowd to you and speak highly of our new direction in this age. It is time to build upon the hard work done in 2011.

We bind ourselves together as we move our Earth-Home ever closer to God. The plans are made, the supplies are readied and we are the workforce. 

There is much to be done in the name of God,



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