Your Spring Staycation

What is a Spring Staycation? It has nothing to do with taking time off from work or making reservations at a spa. It is maintaining your current schedule yet increasing your spirituality!

The goal is to make time for prayer, meditation and healing. Being grounded and centered is the first step.

Imagine a green cord connecting your tailbone to the center of the earth. Make sure it is strong. Imagine it to be an emerald-green. Once you truly feel the connection you will notice when you are not grounded. You may feel light-headed and tipsy. If you recognize these feelings then attach your cord again and feel the difference it makes.

Being centered feels much like being grounded. It feels like being “one” and powerful.  Imagine all of your chakras in alignment. Each one full of light and pulsing. If you are not familiar with chakras then try to imagine all of your strength and knowledge in a column from your head to your tailbone. Imagine all of this energy gathered in a rope, well-organized and firm. Each pulse feels like the essence of “you.” Don’t magnify your need to include certain things about yourself, just trust that it is all there.   

You may combine the two motions of grounding and centering by attaching the inner rope that is connected to your tailbone to the cord that is connected to the center of the earth. This will feel overwhelming with God’s love and power. You will sense that you are more than just this human-self and that there are more steps to take toward enlightenment.

Don’t worry if you don’t feel the connection right away, this may take some practice. Be careful not to feel far behind in your expansion. You have begun right here and now and that is truly wonderful in itself. 

Ground and center yourself each day. Include prayer in your daily routine as well. Prayer is speaking to a higher power of your choosing. Whether you prefer Gods, Goddesses, Mother Earth, animal guides or any other entity that brings you closer to the Light and banishes any darkness from your soul.

Meditation is quieting your mind, either by emptying your thoughts completely or by focusing on one word only. Some people prefer the word “one,” but you may choose any word which makes you feel connected to positive and loving emotions. Make time for meditation each day of your staycation.

Healing is what will follow if you make time to be quiet, centered, grounded and connected to a higher power.

If you make a commitment to your staycation agenda you will definitely feel  rested and rejuvenated. People may even wonder what you have done since you look so relaxed and peaceful.

This staycation routine shouldn’t take up too much of your time. Try not to feel overwhelmed by these tasks. Include one or more at the start and/or finish of your day. Like pray, ground and center in the morning. Meditation at bedtime.  

The more you perform all of these tasks you will feel serene and calm. You will manage stress more effectively and you will enjoy better health. But the most important outcome is growing closer to God and becoming an enlightened soul.

What could be more beautiful?


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