Who Are You Angry With?

Are  you mad at someone? Have you been looking at them and feeling anger and frustration? Do others feel anger toward them too?

What you must realize is that your negative feelings could be making them ill or injured. Especially if you are not the only one who is frustrated with them.

They might  already be grey or dark and your negativity will make their life experience even darker. Do you realize that you may be affecting their emotions or intentions? Some people who know about energy healing also know that people are influenced by the emotions directed at them.

What’s worse is they actually focus negativity upon someone intentionally. This is not the way that God would have us behave. The better response would be to send the person White Light. Surround them in White Light and flush their space in the same glorious Light that you would bathe yourself and your loved ones in.  

You may believe that your efforts will not have any influence on this nefarious person, but at least you won’t be compounding the darkness by adding to it.

Some energy workers will force a person out of the workplace feeling like they have good intentions. They may feel that the dark one has a negative influence upon all the good that everyone else would like to accomplish.

What happens when the dark one leaves? Perhaps another darker soul may enter. If you and your companions have charted a dark being at this point in your career then the “bad person” will be replaced with another “bad person.” 

There also is another force at work here. It is the law of attraction. If you are unfriendly and don’t like busy body people interfering with your plans it may be that you are expecting a busy body. So, the Universe gives you a busy body. You may be attracting a certain type of person. Likely you don’t even realize that you are doing it.

If you have loud and untidy neighbors and that is the type of neighbors you have come to expect then, of course, the Universe will give you just what you expect. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy! 

The same is true of romantic partners. If you expect to be cheated on then, of course, you will be cheated upon. Or if you are physically abused you may leave one partner to find another physically abusive partner.

To break the cycle you need to change your expectations and stick with it. You also need to pray and meditate so that the correction in your expectations will be known to the Universe also.

So…that annoying co-worker, neighbor, vendor, in-law, babysitter…may be fulfilling exactly what you expect.

Also be very careful about flooding someone with negativity or darkness because karma is also at work here. Be careful what your expectations are and send out loving feelings and Light into the world.

Send Light, receive Light. Send love, receive love. Send blessings, receive blessings.

Isn’t this panting season? Be careful what you sow!

Love, Light and the Best of Intentions,


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