Continue to Take the High Road

Telling the truth is always the best policy. If you get caught up in expanded or non-factual stories it is much harder to regain your own sense of the truth. You end up scattering what is fact and what is false.

Your soul will then struggle to maintain a sense of what is good and what is made up. This will degrade your soul over time. You’ll find yourself anchored in the grey or even darker. Living honestly is the only way to keep moving toward what is true and factual. 

You will cloud the water of your own existence. Over time you will end up so far away from your path it would be unlikely to regain any sense of what is right and intended.

How will your guides ever get your attention if you have muddied the waters so profusely?

Some people tell outlandish lies and seem indignant when confronted. To outsiders they appear pitiful and lacking merit. These are the people who have gone to extremes but this is still a lesson to be learned from.

Maintain your core values. The truth is the best choice to make. You’ll never have to remember false details if you haven’t made any up. Live honestly.

Set an example for those around you to follow. Guide children to speak only the truth. By living honestly you will increase your Light.

You also have a far easier time staying upon your path. Make it a choice to stay in the Light and resist the urge to tell things that are not true.

God will call upon you more easily and your soul will advance more quickly.

There are those times when you might not be truthful about someone’s appearance or taste in dates but please make these exceptions sparingly.

Make a committment to remain on your path and in the Light. Allow Angels and guides to be close to you. Don’t cloud your own existence. Stay on track and be the person that you intended to be.

Love is always here for you,


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  • confessionsofachannel  On April 17, 2012 at 8:47 pm

    thank you for your insightful posts. I always tell my children that telling the truth means never having to remember what you said.

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