More Stepping Stones

We speak often about goals and making changes for the better. In part 1 of Stepping Stones we briefly touched upon some short and long-term goals. Now we will share more goals about faith and healing.

Charity is important to God because it takes us out of the “looking out for me” perspective and into a more universal perspective. Looking out rather than in.

Charity also involves giving thanks for what you have and sharing with others.

Charity also expands your soul. You will be more loving and supportive not only to your own loved ones but also to people who you don’t know or know only a little.

It is this expansion that we are looking for. Charity opens more doors than any other life goal. You gain so much from being out in the community and involved with others. Working with children, elders, or disabled individuals will make you appreciate what you have and those you love. You will see great efforts made by people who you hardly know and your heart will swell with joy.

Being humble is important as well. Have and share without ego or selfishness. Don’t look for recognition just do it because it feels good and you know God will appreciate your effort.

There are many Stepping Stones within this charity with humility goal. There are small steps to take to help your community and much larger steps to take as well. Be gracious and giving. Become known for offering help to those in your community. Be on a few donation lists.

Volunteering is not easy. It may take some time and devotion. No one is saying that it is natural and effortless. Start small. Remember the Stepping Stones? Set short-term goals. Make more of an effort to find some volunteer organizations that fit your own likes and talents. Achieve some smaller goals, then set some larger ones.

Remember to acknowledge your own efforts and mark your achievements on your calendar or in a journal. Appreciate the value that you have become to those in need, without being boastful. 

If the opportunity arrises take some family or friends with you and make a day of volunteering.

Someone may even give you a note or gift to thank you and recognize all of your efforts. Don’t count on this. Remember, the value of giving to others is measured in your own soul not by how many people who know what you have done.

At times you may even wonder if those you help are thankful. This makes no difference. God knows what you have done and the effort that it takes. Learn to feel content in your own heart. You have stepped forward and taken upon yourself the goal to help ALL children of God.

We Walk Hand-in-Hand with Our Brethren,



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