Romney vs Obama

“I have requests for follow-up posts about, Always Take the High Road, Pan for Gold and Stepping Stones. I can’t resist asking Evelyn for her take on the political race now that Santorum is out. Lisa”


Anger, shock and despair. He believed that people would follow him simply because he spoke some harsh truths that others are not strong enough to speak. He felt that the more people who heard his words of God that they would be pressured, by their sense of what is right, to back him AND raise more awareness of his righteousness.

He was stunned to find out that people would so easily turn away from the dogma of his beliefs and follow others to poll. He is in disbelief, for certain. he fears for the salvation of our souls since we indignantly turned away from him and what is inherently right.

It is as if he is unable to comprehend that he was wrong about “us.” We must truly be sheep if we are unable to grasp even the most simple “truths.” 

He is questioning all of our upbringings. How could we be led so easily to our own demise?

He has not wavered in his personal beliefs, he merely looks around him and wonders what would need to happen in order to wake us up.

Whatever his next direction is he will surely take a moment to pray for our souls.


Tickled. Happy to have the spotlight for himself. No happy words or encouragement for Santorum. “Good-bye…just, good-bye.”

He intends upon running a positive campaign. If he feels like he is behind in the polls he may take off the gloves, but he would prefer not to.

He feels like he is behind Obama. He is not exactly sure of the numbers since Santorum stepped out just yesterday.

He is acutely focused on the election road ahead. He will bear down and stay as busy as he is able to. He does his studies and follows his handlers more closely than before. He feels how important these next few months will be.

His acuity is heightened like that of an eagle. He is quick to respond and sure in his steps. The lack of one competitor is stoking the wind in his sails.  

His point of view has narrowed considerably. There are fewer options to consider and he knows who his competition is. 


Sitting in the cat-bird’s seat. Confident.

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