The Beautiful Woman and the Sea

I know a beautiful woman. She is full of Light and hope. She offers help and healing to those she meets. She is strong and resilient. She offers love to others each and every day. She has taken on the mantle of teacher and guide.

Each of you may know a beautiful woman as well.

The twist in the story is how she overcame an abusive husband and finally found the strength to get a divorce. She was abused for many years. Her children lived in an abusive environment for those many years as well.

The beautiful woman and the sea of abuse.

Her children learned what they lived. They began to look down upon her and believe the rhetoric their father directed against her.

After she took back her freedom, she fought to regain her value and strength. She knew that she was worthy of love and deserved respect just as any other child of God does. There were some very trying times. She did find love and married a man who knew how to appreciate her and treat her well.

Through many years she remained on God’s Path and she put together a small business of healing. She gives people readings and also provides classes to teach the healing arts. She is a Light Worker.

The beautiful woman and the sea of salvation.

The only aspect of her life that has not repaired is her relationship with her daughter. She continues to be devalued and mistreated. Her child behaves in the very same manner that her father behaved. Through years of trying, the beautiful woman has been unable to introduce any healing into her relationship with her daughter.

The beautiful woman and the sea of despair.

What would you do? How would you handle this situation in your own life? Her daughter is 33 years old. She is far from being an impressionable child. She is a grown woman who sees no reason to treat her mother fairly.

I know this woman. She is a role model of mine. My heart was saddened to hear her story. I too am a woman from abuse. I also have a daughter who treats me just as her father treated me before my divorce. 

How many other beautiful women are there? Where are the answers? Who has direction? How may we make this situation better?

I feel hope, but my resolve may diminish at times. It is a daily issue. I struggle to find the way back to health. I am connected to my daughter for all eternity.  There must be a way to break the cycle of abuse. How many people in the world believe that when the abusive man is no longer in the picture that the women and children have no more struggles?

This is far from true.

The beautiful woman and the sea of resolve.

We find our way and repair what is broken. We piece together what is salvageable and release what is beyond hope.  

Hearts are broken. Relationships are damaged. How easy will it be to fill your life with love when your own child seeks to harm your confidence?

How many beautiful women do you see every day and not know that they have a broken heart? How many of them have found a way back to good emotional health anyway? Where are the answers? Who has the key?

We must seek God’s Path and continue forward. The lessons are there and so are the answers. We find hope, faith and healing. We fill our lives with golden light and believe in who we have become. Our strength never waivers if we accept God as our savior. We take each step with the expectation of knowledge and experience. This is as it was meant to be.

Some of the most difficult lessons are within our own homes. This is what the beautiful woman and the sea of God’s Love knows well.

Go forward in faith and hold hands with those intentionally placed upon your path.

Lisa and Evelyn

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