Blessings All Around; Easter 2012

Open your heart and give love as a gift. We often scrutinize who we will give our attention to or who deserves our love. Try something new. Give your blessings to everyone!

You don’t have to behave as a flower child flitting about tossing flower petals. Just be yourself and offer your blessings to others privately.

Offer a warm “hello.” Wish them a “good day.” Or even just a smile. In your heart ask God to bless them and surround them in White Light.

Have you ever wished someone an angel hug? It is warm and tranquil. Hmmm.  It feels like you are wrapped in a blanket of love and contentment. Ask for one for yourself! It truly is a wonderful thing to have happen.

Send good intentions out to everyone you see. Especially the ones who seem to be having a bad day.

Clear the energy in your office or the office space of others. What about a splash of golden light for the elevator just before you get in! Surround your car in Light for the commute! Or fill the bus with angels! Fill the conference room with Light and heavenly music before the big meeting.

If you are blessed and work with children, then make sure to flood your space with feelings of love and comfort. 

Make sure to bring White Light to the spaces underneath and in between. So many people flush their space with light only to forget that there are spaces where negative energy may hide.

Be sure to imagine yourself with a never-ending cup of God’s Energy. There is no need to feel drained by sending out so much love. Make this a pattern of what you always do. Your life will feel lighter and brighter and the people around you are sure to notice. 

Easter is a special time of year. We gather in remembrance of the life and death of Jesus. If we take a lesson from Him we will learn to spread the Word of God and boundless amounts of Love despite all efforts being made against us. Faith may be this strong in each of us. There are no limits to the gifts that God provides us. 

Move forward in faith and pay homage to the Son of God who walked this Earth before us.

Everlasting and Bountiful Love,


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