The Greatest Gift

This is a special time of year. If we sit and truly contemplate what Good Friday is about we feel in awe of the greatest gift that God has given us; Jesus.

The life of Jesus was just as our own. He charted his incarnation carefully. He had many monumental goals to achieve in his lifetime. The final act was a Gift of Eternal Salvation.

The weight of the souls on earth truly fell upon His shoulders. He had a beautiful story to tell the world from his birth to his mortal death. He taught us that God is among us each and every day. We are never truly alone. 

He taught us that we may seek salvation at any time and that our sins are forgiven by His final act.

What was very important is that WE are also Divine Beings. He taught that we may also perform the very same acts that He demonstrated in his Earth-Life. We ARE God just as He was.

Salvation is truly what God wanted us to have as we navigate this life. We always have that love and support whether we allow ourselves to experience it or not.

Give thanks. Honor our Savior. Enjoy Easter for what it truly represents. Take time to contemplate how magical this time of year is. Life is everlasting. We came from God and we will return to God, just as Jesus has done.

“Look about you and count the many wonders that this faithful life has brought to you.” “Always know that God intended to save your soul and he brought his only son to deliver this gift to you.”

Always in the name of God, the Son and the Holy Spirit that inhabits us all.


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