When Someone Dies Suddenly

There are many instances in life where we lose someone suddenly. It may be an accident or something darker. We are left struggling to make sense of the loss. We have had no time to prepare, as we may if an elder passes or someone with a terminal illness.

It may seem very surreal. We have trouble coming to terms with it. We often expect to see that person as usual. Any moment they are going to walk through that door, just like always. Disbelief is very strong. Our minds dull in an effort to allow us time to process the loss.

We allow ourselves a suspension of the customary pain of grief. Eventually, we move toward the acceptance of the death and follow through with our customary rituals. These steps are governed by the religion or spiritual beliefs of the person who passed.

At some point the loss becomes real. No longer in disbelief, we mourn.

We from the Other Side see your pain. We understand your emotions of loss and sorrow. We stay beside you, as we always do, to provide support during this difficult time.

There is very little that happens in your human life that was not charted by you. Even accidents or other sudden deaths. This was designed for involved people to deal with loss and tragedy as a means of learning.

Even children who die  are following their chart. If we are a parent or other family member, we also charted that we would suffer this loss in order to learn from it. Losing a child seems more tragic than losing an elder. We experience more emotion and we often view the loss as senseless. It teaches us many things and faith in God is number 1.

When we lose an elder we experience a more expected loss. When we lose a child is when those close to the child are tempted to lose faith in God, Angels, Jesus or any other deity which they look to for guidance. There is a more challenging debate that we go through in our own mind. We don’t understand why this had to happen. What God would take the life of an innocent child?

Some turn away from God when the loss seems senseless. They may embrace God again or forever stay estranged. This is a powerful learning experience.

When we lose adults or elders we may turn away from God as well. It depends upon how mature we are and if we have accepted that God is with us even when tragedy strikes.

Dying is natural and expected. Death from darker causes teaches an even more profound lesson. Have you lost someone to lung cancer? If yes, do you still smoke? Have you lost someone to a drunk driver? If yes, do you still drink and drive? Have you lost someone to a drug overdose? If yes, do you still take illegal drugs or prescription drugs in excess?

These losses are designed to teach you about the pitfalls of life. How many times have you learned these hard-fought lessons to only change your mind and return to your dysfunctional habits? To truly make meaning of your loss would be to learn the lessons and make positive and proactive changes in your life. Then, if possible, to speak to others so that they may learn from your loss and make those positive changes for themselves. 

A larger topic would include someone losing their life due to domestic violence, gang activity, murder, suicide, mental illness, recklessness…We won’t pursue these topics until a later time. 

Remember that we are ETERNAL.  We come to this earth-plane repeatedly to grow and learn in a wide variety of ways. Embrace this life. Learn the lessons that loss is meant to teach you. Carry those lessons with you as you care for yourself and your loved ones. Pray to make sense of sudden loss and look to God for support and guidance.

There is a mirror in your room of life experiences. in that mirror are the lessons taught to you throughout your life. See the weathered lines on your face? It looks as if you have traveled for many miles and learned many things. This is the truth. This is but another lesson that you welcomed into your life experience.

Learn and grow stronger. Avoid the pitfalls of grief and loss of faith.

We gather around God for life’s most difficult lessons,


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