God is Welcome in Your Home

Travel to all manner of exotic and impressive destinations. Make certain that every place which sparks an interest in you gets a fair appraisal. Then come back home!

What? Truly. There is no place on earth that has as much love and support for you as “home.” Have you found your home yet? Is it where you grew up or is it in the next neighborhood or town? Is it across the country?

Do you know what “home” feels like? Do you know where to find it?

Home is the place where all of your feelings of comfort and safety are gathered. It is familiar and pleasing. You have everything that you need or at least you know where to get it.

When you get there you experience a sensation of all-is-well. When you are tired and have had a long day, you get home and there is nothing or anyone that can get you to leave again.

Make your home what you need it to be. Hang pictures. Frame art. Display trophies or awards. Paint each room the color that your heart feels it is meant to be painted.

Get that comfy furniture. Stock the fridge. Put your feet up and feel at peace.

Does this sound familiar? Does this sound far away and impossible?

Make an honest assessment of the place that you call home. What changes need to be made? Where do your feelings of unrest come from? Is there a way to make it feel more comfortable?

Something tells me that you know exactly what needs to change. How difficult would it be to make those changes? What would making those changes involve?

Make some plans to make those changes over time. Seek better and brighter relationships. Create distance between you and those who bring heartache and pain. Know that this is what you need to make a better life for yourself.

Set limits upon people who bring you down. Meet them someplace other than your home. Stay for just so long and then retreat and restart your desire for comfort and contentment. Make sure your home feels safe. Take those steps a little bit at a time. Gently move toward a balanced and healthy environment.

Soak in the joy and elation of having your own sacred space.  Grant this for yourself. You deserve it. Bring in those who are supportive and positive. There are people who would make truly good friends.

You don’t have to shout out that people are NOT welcome any longer or that they make you unhappy. Quietly, make those changes that are needed. When people notice they have been gently set aside they will likely react. Just be calming and reassuring and make time to spend with them outside of your sacred space. You don’t want people to become defensive, or do you? 

You may be strong enough to speak your feelings out loud but there is no need to harm those who have no idea how much they bring you down. Be above pettiness and abusive behavior. Remember to always take the high road!

If you already have that serene and safe place and that supportive relationship, then God Bless. You have achieved what many may seek. Give thanks for all that you have and all that you will experience. Life is no greater than when you may openly and freely praise God.

Life is for each of us to make into the best and most positive experience. Seek the Light and come home to a place of PEACE.

This is for you to do for yourself. Self-care is your responsibility.

Make a home where God is welcome,


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