Clearing Your Spiritual Calendar

What is the best way for you to feel better all at once? Forgiveness.

Forgiveness for everyone, including yourself.

Begin at your center. What are you feeling any disappointment or regret about? Make a list. Be open-minded and objective. It is ok if you forget some things because you may address them at the time you think of them.

For each item listed, write all of your emotions and feelings about each one. Then, let go. Tell yourself that you understand why you made certain decisions and choices at the time but now you are willing to let them go.

You may burn the list after you have finished. It all depends upon how best you will release the emotions bound up within each item. Shred the list. Crumple it up and throw it away. Whatever works best for you.

Focus upon yourself for as long as needed. Keep working through your instances of perceived failure or remorse. Keep going until you feel lighter and rejuvenated. There may be certain concerns that you may have to address more than once. Self-care is your priority.

After you have forgiven yourself, move out further to family members. After that, friends. Then co-workers or others that you spend much of your day with.

Widen that circle of healing as far out as necessary. All the while, nurture and strengthen yourself.

As you work through all of your grudges and barriers, forgive yourself also. Many emotions will arise while revisiting your more troubled times and injured relationships. This is good to bring it up and let it go!

At any time you may realize just how much you have stored in your subconscious. The more you release, the brighter and lighter you feel.

Do you have trouble forgiving? Then do it for yourself. No one else has to know. You may still be wary of certain people who have hurt you. That’s ok. Please, don’t allow them to hurt you again. Forgive but don’t forget.

Eventually, you will find true forgiveness because you will be able to see that others may have harmed you because of their own limitations and insecurities. They probably meant well but missed the mark. Others intended to hurt you and you have no need to revisit them.

Forgiveness is truly a benefit for your own soul growth. Do it for yourself and for your higher good.

If a loved one dies before you are able to make amends, just know that they are still able to hear you. They have probably already expressed a desire to have your forgiveness or they have forgiven you, because sometimes conflict harms both parties. 

Invest in your emotional wellbeing and make forgiveness a habit. You don’t need to carry around any more baggage that was caused by someone else.

Live, let live and be merry,


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