Start Fresh this Spring!

Spring is a good time for new beginnings. We awaken from a long winter and look to the sun for new strength and warmth. The activity of spring is contagious. 

How many of us have taken a walk or a bike ride already? This new energy from the earth is feeding our creativity. We have so much more energy.

What have we experienced this winter? Did a loved one pass away? Did a relationship end? Did we transition from one stage of life to another? Or, do we just feel down and we don’t have any real reason why?

This is a good time to begin again. Envision your spring, including all the wonderful people and activities that you would like to blend together.  

Some suggestions include:

1. Some form of exercise. Whatever your activity level, start there. Enjoy the fresh air. Increase your activity level and the length of time being active.

2. Enjoy nature. Sit outdoors. Watch the birds and wildlife spin a new year of growth. Connect to Mother Earth. Imagine your feet have grown some thick and healthy roots that tunnel deep underground. This is a quick way of grounding yourself. Feel what true strength and stability feel like.

3. Imagine…what you want for your life. Be creative and imagine color all around you. See stars and fireflies. Fairies and sparkles of light. Use this time to meditate while wide awake. Breathe deeply. Quiet the thoughts in your mind. Imagine some cooler colors. Feel connected to your home, your family and your dreams. Slow your breathing down even more. Keep going until you feel lighter and full of joy. Make a habit of meditating. This may be your strongest connection to God.  

4. Make plans for your finances. Budget and be mindful of splurges that bring sparse returns. It may take some time to get your budget exactly right but that’s ok. There is no deadline since it evolves just as you evolve.

5. Improve your diet. No need for a dramatic overhaul. Just make some well intended adjustments. A little less sugar. Half the usual amount of soda. No white bread…any one of these ideas or an idea of your own. Don’t change too many things because you will find it more difficult to stick with the diet changes.

6. Drink more water. Nothing fancy, just plain water. That’s what your body makes use of, without any fuss.

7. Use sunscreen for all of the obvious reasons but still get some sun. Limit your sun exposure to 15 minutes a day at first then no more than 1/2 hour. Longer periods of time will have to be balanced with water and sunscreen re-applications. Outdoor sports are great as long as you take good care of your eyes and skin.

8. Make time for outdoor activities. Plant flowers, walk, join a sport, read a book in the shade, bird watch, take your crocheting outside…there are as many ideas about what to do as there are visitors to this site! Be creative! The fresh air is a special treat since we emerged from winter.

9. Eat outdoors. Whether on the deck or under a mesh tent, in case of bugs. If you have had enough sun then sit under a shade tree. The spoiler for this would be any unwanted attention from insects. Sit with a beverage and watch the sunset. What a beautiful ending to an active day.

10. Appreciate all the wonders around us. Don’t stay inside. Fresh air would help your mood. A short walk will get your heart rate up. If you’ve practically hibernated all winter then start slow, but by all means, start. If you have fallen into a low energy state from the cooler temps and the less sunshine of winter, then you really need to get outdoors. 

Enjoy the sunshine and warm breezes. Smile often. Know that others are feeling the same jubilation that you are!

Walk in the Glory of God,


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  • wellspring0fgodslove  On April 12, 2012 at 1:40 pm

    I have posted in the past that we will make our content easy to grasp and follow. The intent is to make it clear with definable steps to take.
    Thank you for commenting.

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