The “Gift” of Spring

What messages have been sent to you along the wind? Have you heard the birds chitter and the squirrels chatter? Have the messengers that God has sent to you caught your attention yet?  

What is the most selfless act you could do to welcome the Spring? Send love.

Send love to all of those special to you. Mention to our Lord how much you love and appreciate your family and friends. We are blessed, truly.

Now comes the newest, next step. Donate some time and/or money to charity. This is a habit that God wishes for you to take. It may be anything that you feel is appropriate.

Spend time in a nursing home or retirement home. Volunteer at an animal shelter. Donate money to a local homeless shelter. Drop off some gently used clothing to a charitable organization.

The best news is that you may make it meaningful and personal. If you lost your mother or sister to breast cancer then donate to the treatment center that meant so much to them and to you. If your grandfather died in a war, donate a maple tree to your local American Legion in his honor. Volunteer at a cat shelter because your mom always took care of strays near her home.  

Be creative! Make it mean something. Do it anonymously if you wish, just as long as you do it.

Throughout our posts, we have stressed the importance of charity. This is good for your soul and it deepens your connections to those around you.

Send love. Bundle it in wrappings of thought and consideration. Release your need to be recognized for your gift and make certain to honor your reasons for giving.

Spring is a gift from God and Mother Earth. Pay it forward in appreciation.

Charity wears well on you,


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